Boston, Massachusetts, USA
SoloHip Hop


Most critics have considered hip-hop to be on a downfall. Some argue its purity has been a lost art for years. There may be millions testifying that hip-hop will never be what it once was. However, amongst the many spectators, there has been much talk about the latest musical talent. Matthew Small was born in Boston, MA. He takes on the name "Spohkes" as he believes he is a spokesperson for his people. "I'm the voice of my people. I make music for those who can relate to my experiences and goals in life."

His lyrical ability and poetic word play has helped him express himself through his music. There are a great number of people co-signing on his ability to live out his dream of becoming the next successful rap star to rise from the city of Boston, MA. He feels he has been overlooked as well as his city for musical talent. With that in mind, his music is a fusion of pain, hunger, the demand for respect, and his aspirations of rising to fame.

For Spohkes, his drive isn't to trail and follow in the footsteps of those who walked before him but to create his own path and find his own destination. Spohkes is driven off of success and refers to his music as "real music with no limits".