Spoke's melodic guitar hooks and pounding keyboard grooves cross genre lines, blending indie rock, Americana, pop, and funk. The band's songs, full of catchy tunes and finely honed lyrics, are infectious and captivating.


The three founding members of Spoke are graduate students in English Literature at the University of Texas, making the group one of the most overeducated bands in Austin, TX.
"People tell us, 'Oh, you're English students -- it must be easy for you to come up with lyrics,'" recalls Hinojosa. "But actually, that's the slowest aspect of the songwriting process for us."
The band's literary credentials certainly surface in the songs, which frequently emphasize storytelling, and cover such diverse topics as the assassination of Lincoln, the settlement of earth by aliens, and Jehovah's disturbing predilection for burning cities to the ground.
The band's signature sound -- its mesh of aggressive piano and thick guitar lines -- gelled almost immediately, allowing Spoke to put its energies into songwriting and arranging. A showcase at the 2005 SXSW festival and a full-length LP, Radius, followed quickly.
Spoke is currently in the studio, working on a second self-produced album to be released in early 2006.


Riddles for Roses

Written By: Tyler Mabry

I stepped right through the looking-glass
Where turnips and tourniquets melt into silhouettes
I guess I'll just have to swallow
But what can I understand out here in Wonderland alone?
Nobody knows me,
I can't see my shadow, my face in the window
Looks like a stranger's to me

But then you come around with riddles for roses, and I'm doing fine
And oh, all of my mazes turn into crystal
All my riddles are roses tonight

I sailed straight off the charted world
Could there be dragons here in this new hempisphere?
I'm lost on hostile horizons
That maps old and out-of-date won't let me navigate
Here comes the whirlpool
Sucking me under
Roaring like thunder
Pulling me down to the sea



Written By: Christopher Chung and Christopher Hinojosa

Tu te fuistes de mi casa
Al entrada de la madrugada
Desperte yo solo
En mi cama sin tu amor

Desayuno fue tristeza
Llorando por perdir belleza
Ni podia respirir
Por el dolor

Dejame, besame
Dejame, abrazame

El sol se quemo rojo
Y el aire no movio
Los dos soportandome
En mi soledad

Pensando en ti y en ayer
Con deseo y sin poder
Para escaper o reclamar
Mi tranquilidad

Dejame, besame
Ya basta con tus juegos de corazon
Dejame, abrazame
Te quiero todavia
Sin razon

No te vayas
No me fayas
Quedate con migo hoy y siempre
No te olvides
Tu promesa
Debes de volver para nuestra vida


Dark Matter

Written By: Tyler Mabry

Dark matter will tear you apart
And fill the dark spaces inside of your heart
Wherever you came from, wherever you are
Dark matter is tearing apart your star

Dark matter is already there
In the dark spaces at the foot of the stair
You keep climbing, and you'll never know
When dark matter starts pulling you from below

You can hide that shotgun under your bed
And wash in the river til the river runs red
And lock yourself tight behind your gated walls
But sooner or later everything's gonna crumble and fall

Dark matter will tear you apart
And fill the dark spaces inside of your heart
Wherever you came from, wherever you are
Dark matter is tearing apart your star

Hammer of Judgment

Written By: Tyler Mabry

I was an outlaw on the run
Brought down by a ranger's gun
As I stepped across the veil
I heard all the spirits wail
And I thought of you, my girl

Oh, girl, get yourself prepared
Walk the way of the righteous and the scared
You'll stand where I stand today
When the fire blows your way
A little time and you'll be here
A little more time and you'll be here

I'm gonna send you all of my love
I'm gonna send it in a bloody glove
You're gonna need it
You're gonna need it
When the hammer of judgment falls

Oh, girl, walk the narrow path
And on the coming day of wrath
You will hear me call your name
I'll ride on a long black train
I'm coming to get you girl


I'm coming to get you, girl
I'm coming to get you, girl
I'm coming to get you, girl



Radius (LP) -- 2005

Set List

Spoke's sets generally last about an hour, and consist entirely of original material. A typical Spoke set would include both up-tempo rockers ("Fifth of Gin," "Ghosts of Alien Engines," "Burn it Down," "Dejame"), and country-pop ballads ("Road Song," "Oklahoma Railroad Blues"), and would end with a few intense, edgy rock grooves ("Lost in Time," "Hammer of Judgment.")