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Thornton, Colorado, United States | SELF

Thornton, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Soul


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Spoke In wordz"

Click link for details - Mii Connection

"Punchline & Fokis – Threshold f. Spoke In Wordz"

New track from Local-Mu12 Member THE 17th entitled "Rubbish,” produced by Vanderslice and featuring Spoke In Wordz from Denver, CO and Fokis. “The 17th is an artist from New London Connecticut, and he and I actually have an entire album sitting in the stash that is crazy. Here is the first single from his upcoming EP, Free Music, which will be dropping in late August. The 17th is vicious on the mic and his word play is something else" Says Fokis.
- 2dopeboyz

"Matt Rutherford's unlikely trip around the Americas reconnected him with Spoke In Wordz"

Matt Rutherford spent more than 300 days sailing around the world in a small boat. Many thought this dubious expedition was impossible, but not only did he complete it, he's now the subject of a new documentary, a film that his old friend and former classmate, Spoke In Wordz, has been tasked with soundtracking. Rutherford is the first person in history to sail around both continents of the Americas alone, and he did it with no radar and no previous sailing experience or any formal aptitude. "No one has ever done it," notes Amy Flannery, director of A Red Dot on the Ocean, the documentary being produced by sailing expert Tory Salvia. "And I don't think anyone else ever will." - Antonio Valenzuela

"Best Rapper West of Colorado Boulevard - 2011"

Spoke in Wordz represents the best of a dying art. The importance of oral history isn't often emphasized, especially in hip-hop, yet there are some performers who can recite the backstory of their favorite MC or most poignant hip-hop moment at the drop of a hat. Spoke is that kind of guy. Not only is he incredibly learned in the foundation of hip-hop, but from a creative standpoint, he puts it down like nobody else. He has a distinct gravel and grime in his voice that makes him instantly recognizable from a song's first strains. Sometimes he rhymes slow and sometimes he rhymes quick, but he never misses the mark. His most recent effort, Power of Wordz, speaks of his ability not only to collaborate with over twenty different artists on original songs, but also to be compelling on his own. - Westword

"Spoke In Wordz - Western Conference/Next To Blow/ Yo Raps"

In the first installment of the series on Colorado Hip Hop, we explored the correlation between innovation and regional presence with The Pirate Signal. In the second chapter, we'll delve into the diversity, both voluntary and involuntary of a place like Colorado and its music.

Denver MC, Spoke In Wordz, the personification of his chosen name, takes diversity in the rap game to a new level. Rhyming in Spanish and English, Spoke aims to create a signature feel and sound for music coming out of his scene. His latest mixtape collaboration, Western Conference with DJ Bedz, is a perfect example of brand building. Rhyming over original beats and cuts, Spoke gives a showcase on cadence and rhythm styles reminiscent of Cypress Hill, or other West Coast artists.

Geographically, Colorado is considered of the southwestern region. With Western Conference, Spoke and DJ Bedz place Denver, CO squarely in the middle of West side music culture. Complete with sunny lines and quick lyrics, it wouldn't be hard imagining the effort banging through the streets of LA. The delivery and content, however, are specific to the lifestyle a mile high.

Spoke takes time to chop it up with Yo! Raps on culture in Hip Hop and breaking through regional barriers.

What's your Hip Hop history?

I originally began working with Playalitical in 2006, local artist/producer whom connected me with 2mex (of The Visionaries), Chino XL, and Bizzy Bone (of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony). A year later I dropped Word Play, my first solo LP featuring these artists distributed by Select O Hits. Word Play is available on iTunes. This experience was great but album fell short, so I began soul searching and started working with other producers.

It seriously feels like everyone is an artist or rapper these days. What is it that stands out in your music?

I'm special! I truly believe that if I'm special than my music is. I believe that I have a gift to share with the people. I can relate to them, express to them how they are not alone. I have a lot going on in my life and I'm sure everyone else does too. I make sure to be creative and make feel good music whether it's on tape or it's live! Everything I speak about in my music is me and represents my experience.

The point of this piece is to highlight regions where Hip Hop is prevalent but the city or state may be less known. What is there to prove, being from CO?

I'm not sure if there's anything to prove. I just feel like there's a lot to come out of CO. There's a lot of good network and people are using their resources. I'm definitely seeing a lot more support out here and I think were headed towards great things. Even the obstacles, with there not being a major Hip Hop act out of CO, we have to work a bit harder to be heard. We do what we do and that's different from everything else. We are in our own lane. The music, the art, all of it is what we create. There's nothing that compares to what we do and how we do it. Don't sleep on CO because we are coming out swinging!

How does that translate to competition in the state?

It's very competitive here in CO -- it doesn't matter what you do, whether you rhyme, dance, paint, promote. And yet everyone is trying to be better at what they do. There's a lot of talent here and everybody is out to get something and if you're not, than you get left behind. There are a lot of opportunities here so it's wise to stay aware and take full advantage of everything. More and more things become available for success, everyday. You just have to want it and get it. It's not just about having talent, it's knowing what to do with it and having a team of people behind you that will help get you to the next level.

This isn't the best time to jump into the music industry, what's the plan for your music?

I would like to take my music outside the state more. I have done features that have helped get my name out but I would like to create a buzz out in California, Chicago, New York, for starters. I feel like I'm stuck in a box and my goal is to get out! That's the hard part about being from CO. I would also like to network with other producers and promoters. What I do is about telling the story and getting the point across. That should be given to everyone who can get something out of it. Sometimes it is about the access you'll have because of where you live. It's about the talent, yes, but the access has to be there.

What are you currently working on that most accurately represents where you're from and your music direction?

Currently have a new single on iTunes called Never Let Go, produced by Noel Zancanella. This producer has worked with Slum Village and fortunately was able to bless me with vocals by Baatin on Never Let Go. I have just released a new mixtape with DJ Bedz (Denver Nuggets DJ). Mixtape is 34 tracks of back to back mixing and scratching including exclusive famous artist drops. I had to put our powers together and create Western Conference. It's the best representation of me. We worked hard on it and it gets the point across nicely.

- By Maxine Ross

"Next 2 Blow" Potential:

Five Mics: New Superstar
Four Mics: Established Artist
Three Mics: Regionally Known
Two Mics: Hometown Hero
One Mic: No Chance - Maxine Ross


Word Play - Full album - 2007

Western Conference - Mixtape w/ Dj Bedz - 2010

Power Of Wordz - Compilation - 2011

Beautiful Dead - Full Album - 2012

DNA - Full Album - 2012

Around The World and back - Single - 2013

Midnight Groove w/ Myke Charles - 2013

A Tribe Called Mex "Beans Rhymes & Rice" w/ Surpass Flavor - 2013



HECTOR FREDRICK GARCIA (born May 29, 1981), better known by his stage name SPOKE IN Wordz, is a Chicano/American rapper, artist, producer. First gained his stripes in 2005 winning various Emcee's Freestyle battles, laiter that year he was signed to Iilluminated E. & Selecto hits/Koch Records releasing his debut album, "WordPlay" Featuring artist like Bizzy Bone Of Bone Thugs & Harmony & Chino Xl. He is also Radiobums and Lords Of Finesse official Emcee.

Raised in Denver, Spoke In Wordz developed an interest in music after watching artist like Micheal Jackson and Prince, later began to listen to Hip Hop in the early 90's. He adopted the name Spoke In Wordz by engaging in poetry slams and freestyle competition. Spoke began recording songs in his best friends mothers basement and a little after started performing his songs in small local venues. Spoke soon met Playalitical who helped him sign a record deal with selecto hit/koch records in 2006. Spoke released his debut album "WordPlay" in may of 2007. The Single "Blown Away" featuring Bizzy Bone has gained him recognition outside of his home state gaining him more fans all around the world. Around the same time Spoke made his way up in denvers best dj distrobution team the "Radiobums" and began to showcase his songs with ks 107.5 DJ Chonz and performed for artist such as Nas, Gza of Wu Tang, Mos Def & Talip Qweli, Chiddy bang, Murs and many more.

Currently, Spoke has joined forces with Surpass Flavor (Colorado Native) Producer Shocker G and started "A Tribe Called Mex"

A Tribe Called Mex consists of two members, emcees Spoke In Wordz and Surpass Flavor. Both emcees hail from North Denver, an area known for a large Hispanic population. The emcees attended the same middle school and high school but did not meet until after high school as both emcees began generating buzz for the hip-hop they were creating as solo artists. Behind the scenes, both emcees admired each other’s abilities and skills for years until finally agreeing to collaborate on a track in the fall of 2012. As the pair began to meet on a weekly basis, they noticed effortless chemistry resulting in more music than they had originally agreed upon. Yet, the music was undeniable and as fate would have it, during one late night Stella Artois-indulged session Spoke In Wordz referenced their immediate chemistry with the one-two punch of A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip and Phife-Dawg. A comment causing Surpass Flavor to pun “A Tribe Called Mex,” referencing the two’s background and solidifying their thoughts of composing a collaborative effort. The stage was set, the two would begin writing for the album and the early responses from A Tribe Called Mex’s music have been positive.
Although the duo’s name borrows from a legendary hip-hop group, Spoke In Wordz and Surpass Flavor insist the album will feature all new, contemporary and underground hip-hop. The album, tentatively titled Beans, Rhymes & Rice, covers an array of subject matter. From odes to females to relationships to child abuse to the incarceration of young Hispanics, the two were also commissioned by Denver Nuggets Official DJ, DJ Bedz to record A Tribe Called Mex’s version of ATCQ’s classic “Electric Relaxation.” A Tribe Called Mex’s version of the song, titled “Electric Relaxation (Chola Remix)” prompted actress Angel Aviles McClinton, who played “Sad Girl” in the motion picture Mi Vida Loca to post and comment: “OMGeeee! My life in RAP style. Brooklyn meets Echo park! I LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE it!” and “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Tribe Called Quest beat mixed with lyrics that are so CHOLA. It’s a perfect marriage of my EastCoast/WestCoast Life.” The actress was moved by Spoke In Wordz’ depictions of a young latina engrossed in street life.
Beans, Rhymes & Rice is scheduled for a late January 2013 release, and at press time features artists Shocker G, DENT, 2MX2, Smoke G, Mistah Rolas, MC Big House, Mane Rok and Xencs along with beats and production from Shocker G, Boonie Mayfield, Stro Elliot and others.