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Spoken Groove. Their acoustic guitar wizardry, wild comedy and funky white boy dancing will take you on an original and inspiring journey you won’t soon forget.


Spoken Groove. It’s the best way to describe the unfettered energy and rock ‘n’ roll innovation produced by Peter Nevland and virtuoso guitarist Paul Finley. “These two performers - they’re more than poets - have taken spoken word and the art of poetry slam to new heights,” raves the Santa Fe Reporter.

Since September, 2002, Acoustic Spoken Groove has completed countless tours across the U.S., Canada and England connecting with just about every audience imaginable. College students love the intelligent lyrics and original, explosive music. Teenagers go nuts for Peter’s funky white boy dancing and raw honesty about not fitting in. Little children love their innocently hilarious humor and crazy, wild fun. They had trouble escaping a mob of inner-city kids in Harlem who wanted them to stay forever. Adults and even senior citizens are blown away by the artistry and beauty of their stories.

It’s that kind of response that has allowed them to sell over $60,000 worth of cd’s & t-shirts and build a loyal following of fans with no musical contacts and barely a trickle of press attention. Peter had no idea what he was getting himself into when he left behind his engineering job at Motorola to team up with Paul, a struggling Catholic guitarist who calls his guitar Mary. So they started playing for any audience who would listen, giving them front row seats to stories filled with witty comedy, perseverance through struggle, and compassion for the outcasts of society. “After all, why do we need to have all the right qualifications to pursue our dreams?” Peter asks.

Make no mistake. Paul Finley has qualifications to play guitar. Its strings captured his heart the first time he touched them at age 12. At the age of 16, he began teaching, getting a diploma in Guitar Performance from the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and joining his talents with the indie band, Mas Optica. He’s played with symphonies, comedy troupes, rock stars and buskers in his journey from Wisconsin to Austin. Combine that with Peter’s wide range of slam poetry, musical talent, dance moves and ability to touch the heart of any crowd, and you get two performers who’ve only begun to scratch the surface of their unstoppable artistic potential.


“ When Legos Learn to Love“ 2006 Peter & Paul’s newest CD
“14 Windows” 2004 Paul’s 2nd instrumental CD
“Acoustic Spoken Groove” 2003 Peter & Paul’s 1st CD
“Birth of the Spoken Groove” 2003 The Peter Nevland Band
“Just My Mouth” 2003 Peter’s 2nd solo CD
“Late Bloomer” 2002 The Peter Nevland Band
“Peter Nevland” 2001 Peter’s 1st solo CD
“A.D.” 2001 Paul’s 1st instrumental CD