Spoken Testament

Spoken Testament

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My music is up lifting and positive. I talk about christ and what he did for me. My music is original and i make all the beats and create the music. I also write all the lirics and do all the raping. I love music and will work hard to reach my goals. I thank God for this tallent. he is my rock.


Born November 30, in Saint Paul Minnesota and at a very young age his mom move his two brothers and him out to Decono Co.
He wasn’t the best kid growing up, running the streets with the wrong crowd and Growing up in a household that he was physically abused by his sep-father. Then Jon’s mom moved the children to Denver to get away from the abuse, to 44th and Federal where Jon found other friends to help him to continue living a life style of trouble.
While in juvenile hall Jon was introduce to Christ, after he had spent three years there Jon knew that his music had to be directed toward God and his knew understanding of what Christ did for him on the cross, so he was baptized!
Jon always had the talent for singing and making beats and as a new believer he started writing songs that reflected this. He new that making music was something he always wanted to do and that God called him to do this, so he started learning more about changing his poetry into songs and creating beats, soon he saved up enough money to buy a Keyboard and computer with fruity loops.
Two friends and Jon’s little brother taught him how to rap, so he combined this in his music, some of the artist he listen to was 2Pac, Jon formed his way of rapping after 2Pac’s way of talking about personal life experiences, then he listen to Cross Movement, Gospel Gangstaz, Lecrae and Grits just to name a few.
May 2008 Jon met the love of his life, Rebecca at a show he was doing at The Fat Frog, he was doing the song “ALL ABOUT HIS NAME,” off his just release CD “Prayers for mercy,” a friend name John Warboys, told him that Rebecca wanted to meet him and five months later on September 2, 2008 they got married! Jon said normally he wouldn’t married anyone that soon, but Rebecca was different then any woman he has ever met, she reminds him of his mom, who had died at the young age of 48 in 2004. Rebecca has been the stabilizer in Jon’s life; looking pass his disability that has Jon on S.S.I. the song Ill never leave your side,” was one song that he was inspired to write for her; after talking to Rebecca over the phone as she was telling him how his songs sound just as good as what she hears on Christian radio stations and that he has a career staring him right in the face. She is his biggest fan and supporter of Jon’s talents, giving him feedback about his music and being that help mate that God knows all men need!
I have performed at The Fat Frog in Littleton, 50 fans. blondie's Fire House, about 50 people. strait Home bar off Federal; Karaoke at Armeda’s,40 fans. Rock and Roll Grill, 50 fans, Place of Refuge 30 fans.I have performed doing open mics and doing shows for about 3 years..I have a cd out caled Prayers for mercy.It has 12 tracks. and road to redemption is a new cd im working on. If you want to hear more songs contact me at 720-982-8441 Thank you to those people that suport me and please remeber that christ loves you.


Songs that are on the Prayers for mercy album are,,1.All about his name.2.Devel get back.3.Dying inside.4.I'll never leave your side.5.Im a soulder for christ.6.Iv got soul.7.My story.8.Put your hands up.9.Stand up for his name.10.Crusifix.11.Trust God.12.Whers the love.All of the songs are radio ready and are clean for kids to listen to.

Set List

4 to 8 songs depending on other artists that are booked. I can perform for a good hour.