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Spoken Views Collective

Reno, Nevada, United States

Reno, Nevada, United States
Band Spoken Word


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"Spoken Views"

In a national culture that is arguably over saturated with reality television show reruns, recycled creative ideas, prescriptive media and news sources, and a music industry dominated by the Billboard top 40, spoken word provides a fresh and organic form of expression that challenges an often diluted and inauthentic media controlled arts environment.

Spoken word as a form of artistic expression is a relatively new medium of performance-based language art sparked largely by independent artists seeking to illustrate oral performances and challenge the standards of poetry and oratory. While this definition provides loose parameters of what exactly spoken word is, it may still be much too restricting of the movement and the many forms of oral and dramatic expression that help create the art and the movement. While the phrase “spoken word” denotes the art being spoken, the phrase should not be understood as a catch-all as there are many expressionistic forms of media that help to create the art. If a phrase could be used to help define it slightly, perhaps that phrase is simply “malleable”.

Much in the way that spoken word as an art form and movement is anomalous and understandably indefinable, Reno’s Spoken Views Collective is equally as original, dynamic, thought-provoking and powerful. Consisting of roughly twelve core artists, writers, and performers, Spoken Views’ members consistently produce and showcase their monstrous talents as individuals and as a collective. What is so remarkably inspiring about the group is the true diversity in the artists and the dynamic that exists not only between one another, but with our much-loved Reno community as well.

Since the end of 2006, Spoken Views has been ardently dedicated to providing the Truckee Meadows community with original and innovative poetry, artwork, and performances as well as serving as community activists, volunteers, leaders and teachers. Throughout the years, many new writers and artists truly inspired not only by the group’s rich, multifaceted work and performances, but also by their community-driven dedication, open-armed appreciation and reception for other artists, and their genuine beacon-like passion for the arts community as a whole.

One of Spoken Views’ most recognized contributions to the community is Reno’s longest running poetry and spoken word open-mic that they host every third Wednesday of the month at Se7en teahouse and bar in the West Street Market. This is a community-driven event that often bolsters devoted shoulder-to-shoulder attendees and participants ranging from the veteran readers to the newly inspired. Everyone interested in reading poetry, spoken word, or any other media should attend as it is truly a unique, exciting and rich experience.

In May of 2009, many of the Spoken Views artists participated in the original performance piece at Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, “601 AM: A Working Class Opera.” The program donated all of its proceeds from the production to Rainshadow Charter High School and the Holland Project to “provide alternative art and music access” for at-risk youth in the Reno area. In February, the Spoken Views Collective also performed for a sold-out crowd at the Knitting Factory for the Speak Your Mind hip hop and art showcase.

You can (and should) stay in the know and contact Spoken Views through their Facebook page Spoken Views Reno, spokenviews.blogspot.com, or spokenviews@gmail.com. - Reno Passport


Spoken Views (LP) coming soon.



Spoken Views was created by Iain "Emic" Watson & Tony "Talik" Walker in late 2006. The vision was to create & support an alternative scene of spoken word poets, freestylers, writers, artists & musicians in effort to bring awareness & diversity to Reno's forever growing cultural community. After promoting several spoken word events at Se7en & Beach Hut Deli, the need for these events soon grew. Spoken Views responded by hosting a monthly poetry and music night @ West Street Market on the third Wednesday of every month. Poets and writers range in age, skill, and background & audiences are always diverse and supportive. These nights have grown into one of Reno’s most dynamic and consistent poetry events and was voted best poetry open mic 2010 in the Reno News and Review. As the open mics became popular Iain & Tony as well as a handful of participants decided to create a collective of poets in hopes to showcase the talent coming out of Reno. Spoken Views Collective is a growing group of performance poets/spoken word artists that perform as individual artists and as a group. The collective has been asked by many organizations to perform at a variety of important events & they have also collaborated with many local musical artists.