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"Product of My Environment" was created in 2004-05 and released March 27th 2006. "Pomp & Circumstance" was released August 20th 2007. "Square 1" was released December 19th 2008. All 3 CD's were pressed up by Discmakers, independently released, and available for purchase via CD Baby.



He is not better than you. He aint a boss, a king, or a don. He isn't a pimp, a gangsta, or a hustla. He is simply a regular dude who loves music and uses it 2 freely express himself...

Steve Pompili aka S-Pomp, was born on February 4th 1983 in Youngstown, Ohio (Northside). Growing up in Girard his older brother Eddie introduced him to Hip-Hop/Rap music at a very early age. Pomp grew up listening to the “golden era” of rap music: early-mid 90’s. Steve sang along with all the songs and wanted to be a rapper. But growing up in the suburbs and criticism from family and peers forced Pomp to keep his dreams a secret. He put his music goals aside and pursued his football career. The whole time Steve maintained his love for rap music but was influenced by classic and 90's rock. This would end up being vital in the development of S-Pomp’s unique sound. After graduating from Hubbard High School in 2001, a period of soul searching began. Over the next year various personal tragedies occurred that forever changed him, essentially giving birth to S-Pomp (The Yin and The Yang).

In Late 2002- Spring 2003, S-Pomp began performing at parties, talent shows, and battles all around the 330. Pomp and his friend Matt formed a duo called “UnderDawgs.” They would spend all day and night rapping over instrumentals on his cd/tape player in his trailor. Pomp worked full time and went to school at YSU, saved money and purchased his own studio equipment. Over the next 2 years he learned how to write, record, and mix music all by himself in “The Kennel” (aka mom’s basement). In August 2004 S-Pomp released a primative demo titled “Always Root 4 The UnderDawg.” He burned 300 copies of it and handed them out to everyone he could. Live performances were held at YSU (Kilcawley x2), and "Club Khameleon" (Kent).

Steve’s personal life began to crumble. He and his long time girlfriend went through an ugly break up, constant family beefs, his mom lost her job, and he dropped out of college. Internal conflicts made “UnderDawgs” quickly dismantle. This was another very dark period in S-Pomp’s life that would make his passion for music increase rapidly. 2005 would be spent working 2 jobs and finishing an album, re-recording some older material and adding a variety of new songs. On Sept 3, 2005 Pomp performed at "The Block Busta" (Wick Park, Youngstown)

"Product of My Environment" was officially released independently on March 26th 2006 (though the music was from 04-05) through Discmakers. Pomp passed out 1,000 copies of his cd, spreading his music and establishing a larger fanbase.

Through performing and networking Pomp linked up w/ producers BTJ and Steve "Lojik" Lujan in addition 2 DJ Killin (of DaBoonDox) and D Town/Jesse Astro (of Da Kreek). Pomp continued to work 2 jobs and work in the studio. At the beginning of 2007, Pomp began working on his 2nd cd. “Pomp & Circumstance” (which is the name of the song by Edward Elgar that is played at graduation ceremonies.) It was independently released on August 20th 2007 through Discmakers.

Upon the release of "Pomp & Circumstance" many live performances were held. S-Pomp was planning on traveling 2 California and Georgia 2 promote his new CD. He had quit 1 of his jobs and was all set 2 go when his mom was diagnosed with cancer, so he decided 2 put off his plans. In the late Fall 2007 Pomp began writing new material. He spent the entire winter gathering beats, penning lyrics, and demoing songs in The Kennel. There were a couple out of town shows held. By March 2008 S-Pomp was ready 2 officially begin recording his 3rd CD "Square 1".

In June, 8 songs were done and Pomp played 2 shows at Barleys. Though the performances, rehearsals, and studio work had taken their toll. The week of the Further Mind Fest Pomp began experiencing severe throat pain. He did the show anyway, but not without a cost, he had badly strained his vocal chords. S-Pomp was forced 2 cancel some shows and decline gigs. Not 2 mention delay the finishing of his 3rd CD "Square 1" indefinately. In July Steve lost his job and was arrested in Youngstown on the same day. This would once again force him 2 postpone his traveling plans and push back the release of "Square 1." With his voice finally healed, Pomp decided 2 record another batch of songs and change the album's lineup.

"Square 1" was independently released Dec. 19th 2008 through Discmakers. It features production by DJ Killin, iL-lojikal, BTJ, DeJuan and Only, & Eclipse. Guest appearences by DaBoonDox, Danny Hedrix, & Jacqueline Genovese.

From July 14th 2006- Jan. 17th 2009 S-Pomp has played at:
“The Cellar” (x2), “Jillians” (Boardman), “Cedar's” (x2) “Barley's” (x8), “The Plush", "Rockstar" (Cleveland) "The Cell", "B & O Station", "The Golf Dome" (Girard) (x2) "The Night Owl" (Dayton), & "The Green Room" (Kent)