"Pavement meets Belle and Sebastian.. or early Built to Spill." -Cassidy Robinson- With congas, xylophone, ukulele, and other percussion, our live set sounds like what's on CD. We play music that has hints from Built to Spill to The Beatles. Pop songs that you catch yourself humming afterwards.


Spondee had a very shifting line-up but now have solidified it with a variety of musicians with different influences and backgrounds. This makes our music what it is now, a mixture of Pop and Folk Rock. The focus is to write songs that pop and keep your feet tapping.


'North to Antarctica' Single 2005
Music to Our Ears EP 2005
'Sweet Cancun' Single 2007
Creeky Step EP 2008
Upcoming Album November 2008
Sweet Cancun and Dancin' Shoes have both received radio time on regional stations.

Set List

Dancin' Shoes, Japanese Romance, Hard To Get Away, Walking Butterflies, Stay Another Day, , Annie's Home Tonight, Big Blue Sea, Dick Murphey, Sweet Cancun
This is a normal set and would run 45 mins. w/out covers.
Covers: Joyride-Built to Spill, Energy-Apples in Stereo, Tyler-Toadies, Carry the Zero-Built to Spill