Sponsored By Poverty

Sponsored By Poverty

 Bel Air, Maryland, USA

We play comedy music with an extreme pop edge. Our goal is to create music that's funny, but also really catchy and enjoyable. We incorporate tear enducing beautiful harmonies into our already soaring melodies which are backed by our soulful angelic voices.


We are a two man comedy/pop band from Bel Air, Maryland, home of John Wilkes Booth, assassinator of Abe Lincoln. The band consists of Brandon Pfeltz and Mike Perrie, and they've been making music together since 2005. Together, we've created comedy music with an extreme pop edge, and we are widely considered by ourselves as the pioneers of comedic pop music, or comedipop.

Our songs contain elements of gay vampires, awkward sexual attraction, satrical homophobia, breaking the barriers of racism, and other hilariously taboo topics. There is a very real chance that you may feel awkwardly attracted to both of us just by listening to our music, even if you yourself are a man. Don't worry, this is quite a normal reaction. As you might have been able to tell, we do songs that are beloved by both adults and children! As a result, we are available for christenings and strip clubs alike.

We've performed at comedy clubs on the east coast, including Caroline's on Broadway, Sully's Comedy Cellar, New York Stand Up, New York Comedy Club, and Magooby's Comedy Club in Baltimore, the current world record holder for longest comedy show, where we beat out 16 other comics to win the new talent competition there earned a featured act slot at one of their main shows. Besides clubs, we've performed countless other shows at universities, taverns, hotels, inns, conferences, conventions, sidewalks, public bathhouses, and we've taken the Maryland open mic scene by storm. Additionally, we were selected to perform for Comcast On Demand's Comedy section. One of our proudest achievements has been having three of their songs retweeted on Twitter by Meghan McCain, daughter of Presidential candidate John McCain. We have also just released our self-produced first full length album "The Future of Awesome".


2009: Released the Will Sing For Food EP

2010: Released The Future of Awesome album