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Theodore Patterson, Jr., out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is SPONTANE.
Think... Spontaneous Combustion! Since he was a little boy (growing up one block from Will Smith in West Philly), getting tips from his uncle, world class percussionist Rashied Ali, through today, doing The Hot Boyz Show, The World Famous Dream Team Show, and DJ Flow promos for Power 99-FM with luminaries such as Wyclef Jean, SPONTANE lives, eats and breathes the entertainment biz.

SPONTANE¡¦s talents are multi-faceted. He's an accomplished rapper, songwriter, producer, actor, promoter, and MC. His music is played, each and every week, on P1 radio stations in the Philadelphia region- because of the love that radio has for him. He's MC'd, hosted, and performed at more than Fifty (50) shows in the past few months. Keeping busy.

SPONTANE has been featured with Kelis, Loon, Wyclef, Method Man, Redman, Raekwon and Cassidy, and more. He's recently been in the studio with the likes of Teddy Riley, Swizz Beatz, Freeway/State Property, Eminem, and D-12.

SPONTANE has also garnered serious television on-screen face time, with a regular stint on HBO's acclaimed, "OZ", where he played the role of "Ogie" of the Muslim gang.

SPON has had featured appearances in several music videos including:
** Hotel - Cassidy feat. R Kelly
** Big Business - Swizz Beatz feat/Baby, Ronald Isley, Eve, P.Diddy, Cassidy, Jada Kiss, Snoop Dogg
** Deep - Blackstreet
** All I Need - Fat Joe
** Got Some Teeth - Obie Trice feat. Eminem and D12

SPON¡¦s featured film performances include: 2 Fast 2 Furious
Biker Boyz
Bad Boys 2

Merchandising ties include: NIKE, MISKEEN ORIGINALS, and AND1.

THIS IS A FACT: Everyone who knows, or who has met SPONTANE,
LIKES HIM. His smile ƒº, his personality, his presence¡K is infectious. While he is an affable character, appealing to a crossover, pop-oriented audience, he still gets mad love, and true respect, from the streets. His appeal is universal- black, white, Latino, Asian, young, old, male or female. If who you know and what you deliver matters, then SPONTANE matters... LARGE!