A dreamland of world rhythms and Faye's gorgeous warm four octave range voice. Spooncurve have been compared to Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, Swans, Slowdive, Mazzy star, Sigur ros, Dot Allison, Ane Brun, Kristin Hersh...but we think they sound unique!


Spooncurve's new album "Clairsentience" is composed of plaintive love songs that in their minutiae are both heartfelt and intimate, but also joyfully uplifting. The beautiful melodies and Faye's hauntingly ethereal voice are showcased by the peeled back instrumentation. A warm intimate experience combining experimental ambient with urban folk.

Like Spooncurve's previous 2005 album "Are Friends Symmetric", "Clairsentience" has a uniqueness of vision based on the genre crossing organic evolution of their music.

Spooncurve will be playing a series of select, intimate shows and webcasts in 2009/10 to showcase their new album "Clairsentience". For each performance, they will have a filmic accompaniment to enhance the visual journey of the music.


Clairsentience - album - 2008/09 - D.O.R.
When Daylight Comes - single - 2007 - D.O.R.
Are Friends Symmetric - album - 2005 - D.O.R.
Hurt Me, I'm Yours - single - 2005 - D.O.R.

Set List

40 minutes for a live performance