Spoon Dickey

Spoon Dickey

 Seattle, Washington, USA

This hard-rocking country band stops live people in their tracks, and makes dead people get up and dance!

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Do It Yourself

Written By: Spoon Dickey

Do It Yourself
VERSE 1: A girl, a car, and an old guitar
She’s down the road with Nashville in her heart
Not thinking what she left behind
Just dreaming of what’s to come
With an angel’s voice and a sinner’s smile
She worked her way right to the top of the pile
She made it look so easy
But she made it on her own

CHORUS She said you do it yourself
You got to find your own
What you believe in your heart
Is all you get when it's done
Somebody’s always trying
To say it comes from someplace else
But when the crying’s over baby
You do it yourself

VERSE 2: She knew him when they first came here
They worked for minimum wage and they spilled a lot of beer
Was a natural thing
It looked a lot like love at the time
But just singing and dancing like she always did
She made a life on the road and raised a couple of kids
It broke her heart when she figured out
He’d never walked the line


BRIDGE: So many roads can lead us astray
We find where we’re really going
After all of the heartache has melted away