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Rooted in hip hop with a strong indie rock influence, Spoonfull is Beat Street meets Damien Rice. Scattered, acoustic, confusing, and poignant, every song is a familiar feeling.


Spoonfull is a former skater/ex-boyfriend/current independent hip hop artist from Washington, DC. Spoonfull was exposed to purist hip hop when viewing a Scribble Jam video in 2001. Spurred by his new love of hip hop, old love for punk rock, and an effort to avoid the path he knew he wanted to avoid in the dusty hole of a town known as Beaufort, SC, he found himself surrounded by his own bubble of creativity, writing about the world and the girl as he saw it, an identifier still present in his music today. In 2005, he moved to Washington, DC where he shared the stage with Hanger 18 of Definitive Jux, GLUE, Josh Martinez, and Sleep of Oldominion.

“Keep The Change” is Spoonfull's first full length album and is released in collaboration with 23 year old D-Mitch (David Mitchell) from Northern Virginia. A former full-time touring punk musician, D-Mitch is currently working on his 2nd graduate degree from George Mason University. “Keep The Change” has a sound rooted in hip hop with a strong indie rock/minimalist folk influence. The approach is raw, sample free, constructed from the ground up in Spoon’s basement studio. It will be available Halloween '09 on all major digital distribution outlets such as iTunes, eMusic, and Amazon.


The Drawn With an Eraser compilation is available on www.cdbaby.com/spoonfull

Keep The Change LP releases on October 31st, 2009 and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, etc.

Set List

Typically, with Spoonfull as the front man and D-Mitch doing backup vocals, the sets are kept between 4 and 5 songs.