Spoonholster is a breath of fresh air...literate rock that takes you from sparse sonic landscapes to thunderous aural meltdowns that leave you exhausted yet strangely serene...and the smile never leaves your face.


From the ashes of 20th century collective unconscious discontent in 2008 sprung an alliance between three artists bravely asserting their shared belief in the importance of art and the primacy of personal expression in human freedom. Mark Vaughan, former member of Wily Brothers, Smack Granny and Stinkbug, is guitarist/singer. Andre Sunseri on drums, hails from San Jose California, where he was a member of the experimental rock group, Plebe, the funky Hand-Over-Fist, and the Sweetwater All Stars. Bassist/singer Rhett Bryan is a former member of Oklahoma City metal band Theory of Tangence, and Stillwater’s Ruff Cut, and has played with Watermelon Slim and Manifest Destiny. Their 58 years collective experience in diverse styles converge in a self-proclaimed “experiment in genre-less rock” as they attempt to innovate hospitality in the Oklahoma live music scene. Madness ensues.


Spoonholster has self-released three 6 song eps:
"Music You Can Smell", "Puppet Sex", and "No Funky Gypsies".
Currently, myspace.com/spoonholster is streaming "No Funky Gypsies", and recording is beginning for the fourth ep, tentatively titled "The Buffalo Fair". Peepee Test from "No Funky Gypsies" has received airplay on OKC radio station 94.7 The Buzz on the local Born and Bred show.

Set List

We have 1.5+ hrs of original music and several poems set to music, don't play covers, and a typical 45 min set consists of 12-14 songs, concentrating on newer material. Here's the list:
Funeral Car
Cosmic Presence
Man Possessed
Coffee in Cortez
Peepee Test
Food of the Gods
Truckstop Baby
Resting in my Room
God's Ashtray
Mr. Glenn
Elevator Cop
Funky Gypsies
Roofie Tuesdays
If Yer a Cop
Boris the Hard Drive
Biker Biker
Niiro Metsuki
Mutation Happens
The Ballad of Harvey Western
Dance Zombie Dance