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"Chicks That Rock"

(Interview form)
ORIG: Tell me about the band. How'd you end up at the front woman?
CAIT: Well, it's definitely something I didn't fall into. Since I was 13, I’d always wanted to front a rock band. My best friend and now bassist Sue, and I always talked about how we were going to be the biggest band in the world. So, six years later I got sick of talk and decided to just fucking do it. So basically, me fronting this band, is the apex of years of little kid rock-star dreams. I'm really psyched about it, so we'll see where it goes.

ORIG: What ever happened at that town meeting against the bands rehearsal volume?
CAIT: Well, we went to the town meeting and listened to our crotchety neighbors complain about the "excessive noise." Then our bassist stood up after preparing a bit of a speech and basically blew them out of their uncompromising water. We had an officer come out and read out decibels, and we're completely legal. However, we have to practice with a little less ampage and with cymbal softeners to pacify our country western lovin' townsfolk. Their whole mission was to shut us down completely, so I feel like we on. SFA 1, the man 0.

ORIG: What do you think of Butch Walker's work as a producer compared to his solo work?
CAIT: Hmm, B-Dub vs. B-Dub. Whatever he touches turns to recording gold... or platinum. Whenever he produces an artist, I at least, can always hear Butch in it. His songwriting is unparalleled, which is why he's one of the highest paid producers around I guess. Personally, I like his own music more than his work with Miss Av, or Bowling. Although, it's nice to hear a touch of Butch in mainstream music, even if it isn't his own shit -- but in all seriousness it really should be. But that just goes to show how the industry works. If you're not in your early 20's, labels won't market your shit. Butch is one of the most talented fucking people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. His first solo record, (Left of Self-Centered) had the punch to really go somewhere if it were promoted correctly; his second (Letters) didn't necessarily carry the mainstream beat, but it could have done ridiculously well if it were promoted on an indie level. Oh well, he'll probably never get his dues in regard to large-scale love, but everyone who knows about his music sure as hell love him to death. From what he's told me, that's all he really wants.


Like recent Philly Rock Shootout champs Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer, the kids in Spoons for Adam hail from Bucks County and have a predilection for synthesizer driven rock. But rather than dumpster diving for spazzy punk grit, this quintet courts the mainstream with pretty girl-group harmonies and a glossy pop polish; think of then as Zolof's bubblegum cousins."

Apr 10-17th 2008, City Paper, Pg 48 - CITY PAPER - John Vettese


2006 - Demos
2007 - The Moshi Demos
2009 - planned release of a currently untitled Full Length album

We've got airplay on WSTW in Delaware. They rotate Chocolate Yahtzee and Paint It White.

We've also played Chocolate Yahtzee, and Vertigo by U2, LIVE on air at radio104.5 in Philly (philadelphia's biggest alt. rock station)



SPOONS hit the Philadelphia music scene in Sept. of 2005. Since then, they've managed to make a name for themselves, and prove that they've got longevity. Although, some members have come and gone and come back, SPOONS for ADAM are a group of very hard working, and smart musicians. Brought together by a common love of making undeniably good music; their hard work has been
recognized by high profile industry professionals such as Butch Walker (Epic),
Kaumyar of Big City Rock (Atlantic), and Chantal Claret of Morningwood (Capitol). SFA is also in
regular rotation at 93.7FM WSTW in Delaware for their Hometown Heroes program.
SPOONS has played live on radio104.5FM in Philadelphia (Philly's biggest alt. rock station) as
part of their Live at 5 program which showcases national and local music. As well as on-air,
Spoons has worked with radio104.5FM performing in their New Music Tuesday showcases yielding
the band prime-time promotion spots. At those showcases were not only some of the biggest bookers in the
Philadelphia area, but also area journalists. SPOONS has been featured in publications like Origivation
Magazine, City Paper, Philly Style Magazine, and Philly Edge to name a few.

This is a band ready to break.

SFA have been working non-stop since their conception. They've gotten kudos
along with great contacts not only in Philadelphia, but in NYC, LA, Atlanta, Houston and the UK to
name a few. Their fan base also stretches over these areas. If given the chance, there is no doubt that this catchy rock/pop band could not only top the charts, but conquer the world.

When it comes to the studio, this band is ridiculously fast, and accurate. Having recorded the 2007 Moshi Demos with Ian D.G. Bennett of We Are Castles (myspace records), those of the Spoons
recordings a specific flare. Bennett has recorded tracks for bands like The Starting Line (Virgin), Like Lions (Jive), as well as many other projects. He has also worked in Water Music Studios, as well as Big Sky.
Currently SPOONS are working on their first full length album with new engineers, in a new location. This is the music that the world will hear.

With the help of Audio Crush PR, and Planet Verge Magazine, SFA reaches a larger
demographic than they could on their own. Bands that share the same privilege of being
associated with ACPR and PV are: Val Emmich (ABC's Ugly Betty/frmr Epic Records), Sohodolls, Perfuma, The Glorious Mustache Challenge,
Comedian Greg Coralluzzo, and Panic Attack Clothing.

SFA has shared the stage with some notable bands over the past year. They pulled the
biggest crowd of the nightwhile playing with Bedlight For Blue Eyes (Trustkill),
Permanent Me (Stolen Transmission), and Scenes from a Movie(Unborn Media). They've played with
Like Lions (Jive), Ra Ra Riot & Desoto Jones (Deep Elm)
to name a few. They can clearly hold their own, and well.

Most importantly, SFA understands their audience and what they want. SFA is their audience.