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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rythmicru - Supertoke Volume 2"

“Rhythmicru rapper/producer D-Ray presented his Supertoke mix-tape series last year with a decent first volume, but the Cru have truly come into their own on volume two. The compilation opens with the line “This is hip-hop, like the chronic” setting the stage for the numerous proclamations of allegiance to hip-hop and/or marijuana, as well as the relationship between the two. Outside of that, there are the expected instances of hip-hop braggadocio, plus D-Ray vents on “I Don’t Know” and drops a bit of knowledge on “Newfoundland Screetched-In,” and Atherton goes all Sage Francis on a heartbreaking ex with “Peg Leg.” The returning MCs — D-Ray, TheSnowyOwl and Cale Sampson (collectively Rhythmicru), along with Batho, Sporadic, Uncle Dropsi, Vandal, Shad K and More Or Les — have all stepped their game up since the first volume, but the highlight of Supertoke 2 is D-Ray’s production, especially his attention to detail and his quirky sample choices, whether with mellow jams like “Smoke the Night Away” and D-Ray’s Leonard Cohen-impersonating “Who Knew About It?” or fist-pumping anthems like “Turn It Up” and “Time Like the Present.” The subject matter might be a bit one-dimensional but Supertoke 2 is still underground hip-hop at its dopest.” -Exclaim!
- Exclaim Magazine


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During the early 90's Sporadic started wanting to be a DJ, until one of his neighbourhood friends heard he could rap and pursuaded him to pursue the pen.

A musician that is trained in classical and jazz music, he's has taken his love of hip hop and intergrated it with every form of music he came into contact with.

In 1999, Sporadic enrolled into the Humber College Jazz Program, and by 2001 he would be the only student in their jazz program performing and studying as an emcee. During that time, he would be introduced to Sweet Touch Foundation, who would later become his official dj's for shows and mixtapes. In 2002, he would become more involved in the local community by becoming a host of the internet radio show Gladstone What?!.

By 2004, Sporadic had expanded his network was being featured on mixtapes. Sporadic became one of the winners of the first Just Entertainment Demo Showcase in 2005, which ended up with the song, P.A., pressed on vinyl and distributed to every hip hop radio show in Canada.

Sporadic continues to record, perform locally and outside of Canada. He is currently working with various artists from North America and Japan, doing features for compilations, mixtapes, and albums.

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