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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review of "The Sado-Pacifist E.P.""

"Hellbent maverick of digital hardcore and journeyman organizer in the Seattle electronic scene, sporadik has inflicted the underworld of fringe electronic dance music with an energetic monstrosity of sound for years. sporadiks music has been praised far and wide for its innovative approach to rhythm and noise, traveling the same sonic superhighway as "rhythmic noise" artists like Hands, Ripit, Radium and Tarmvred en route to a skewed metropolitan aesthetic of structural experimentation. A familiar presence at clubs, events, and festivals throughout the US for the past seven years, founding member Brad P. has produced a fair amount of self-published work, but this newest E.P., featuring skilled turntableist T. McIntire, delivers a unique high energy barrage of effected sounds and sonic texture. Mixing swirling ambient interludes with growling base and pulse pounding beats, The Sado-Pacifist EP constitutes a fine example of creativity set in experimental mode. This special 12 inch vinyl is limited to 500 copies that will not be reprinted." 36 Invisibles- Noah Mickans - 36 Invisibles

"Willamette Week Review"

"Sporadik's electronic creatures evince intelligence and, yes, they may make you want to dance, but they're not IDM. Rather than being clever to the point of cuteness, more often than not these are mechanical hellbeasts, stomping and gnashing in a digital hardcore tantrum. Beats sound like industrial trash compactors with misfiring pistons. Synths crackle, claw and hiss. Samples get torn into distorted strips. It's occasionally crazed, but not chaotic--there is a sense of logic and order to this machine-made mayhem." Willamette Week, Portland -John Graham - Willamette Week - Portland, OR

"Review of the song "Love Theme to the End of the World""

"Admittedly, raw42 is hard to impress musically. not because we're snotty and elitist techno fanatics but because a lot of the electronic music we review just isn't all that great. so when a band comes along who impresses us, we tend to get all excited and happy. this is a happy and exciting moment. love theme to the end of the world is ass backwards. the track begins with the sonic soundscape in full frontal attack mode and then slowly digresses to minimalism. usually one has the climax at the end, after the musical build up but sporadik throw that obsolete concept out the window and dive in with a full fledged techno assault. classified as noise, this track is anything but. a barrage of effected sounds and metallic percussion provide the basis for this able monstrosity of sound. perhaps a little on the experimental side for some but definitely worth the trip. take it. since sporadik were kind enough to give me a happy and excited 4:22 minutes with this track, we're adding it to our goodness in music listing." raw42, UK - sal - Raw42.com


1997 - Noizekore Phase 1 (Cassette, self released)
1998 - Single appears on mp3.com compilation
2000 - Two singles picked up by UK music licensing company 'Raw42'
2000 - Green Hit Wonder (CD-R, self released)
2002 - The Sado-Pacifist E.P. (12" vinyl, Three Headed Goat Records)
2003 - The New Age of Living Dangerously (CD, Three Headed Goat Records)
2003 - Love, American Style [sporadik 'noise' collection] (CD-R, self released)
2005 - Live set appears on "Swamp of Puss" compilation (CD-R, Swamp of Puss Records)
2006 - Single included on the compilation "A Tribe Called Glitch" (CD, Backwards Records)
2008 - Phonophobia (CD, coming spring 2009)



Starting in 1996, DJ Quatttro has devoted the bulk of his creative energy towards using the computer and synthesizer to paint life into the stomping, swirling, psychedelic, electronic musical monster that is Sporadik.

In addition to multiple self releases, DJ Quatttro has released music as 'Sporadik' on the Colorado based labels Three Headed Goat, Backwards Records and Swamp of Puss, as well as through the UK's (now defunct) Raw42.

Blurring the lines between breakcore, gabber, industrial, powernoise and sound collage, Sporadik has toured all over America, playing both underground and main stage events in:
New York City
(Bar][core!!! @ The Pussycat Lounge),
New Brunswick NJ
(Hidden Cities)
(Chop Suey, The Vogue, Noc Noc, The Rendezvous, the Hanta House + several other venues),
Vancouver B.C.
(23 Cordova W. + an underground party),
(The Jasemine Tree),
and all over Colorado
(including in Denver: Bender's, The Larimer Lounge, Kazmos, The Hi-Dive, and 'Nate's RV'.
In Boulder: the Catacombs Bar, Cafe Babu, and Green Spirit Studios).

Sporadik has also played:
the 2001 Trust Crew 'Assemble' Outdoor Festival (Wyoming),
the 2002 Trust Crew 'Replicate' Outdoor Festival (Northern California),
the 2007 'Transistor' Electronic Music Festival (Denver),
the 2007 'Forced!' Industrial Music Festival (Providence, R.I.),
at the 2008 'Transistor' Electronic Music Festival (Denver).

When performing live, Sporadik has shared the lineup with:
Jello Biafra,
Venetian Snares,
Alter De Ruine,
Terminal 11,
Duran Duran Duran,
Unter Null,
Kommunity FK,
Liar's Rosebush,
Cyrus Rex,
S.i.m. on Kor Funkle (Belgium),
Cozi The End of Stream (Tokyo),
The Magus,
Lovecraft Technologies,
Oto (Tokyo),
Dandi Wind,
Black Cell,
Page 27,
Kris Moon,
J. Frede,
In Ether,
In Better Senses,
The Hypnogogic Orchestra,
Math You,
Preshish Moments,
just to name a few.

Sporadik's music has been featured and/or reviewed in publications such as:
The Rocky Mountain News (Denver),
The Stranger (Seattle),
Willamette Week (Portland),
The Westword (Denver),
Groovesmag (NJ),
The Exquisite Death E-zine (Wisconsin),
Colorado Music Buzz (Denver)
the Iron Feather Journal (Denver).

Dj Quatttro hosts 'World of Danger' a radio show dedicated to breakcore, powernoise and industrial music, twice a month during the 12am-3am "Sleepless Nights" timeslot on KGNU
(dates vary, see http://kgnu.org for details).

DJ Quatttro is also a rotation host on 'Dub Palace', dedicated to 'Dub' Reggae, every Sunday at 10pm on Denver/Boulder's KGNU
(Quatttro hosts Dub Palace once a month).