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Spore 333

Waco, Texas, United States | SELF

Waco, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Avant-garde


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Spore 333 -Band/Artist/Songwriter"

I’m very proud to introduce the January 2010 featured artist, Spore333. The brain child of my very dear and talented friend, Mr. Tony Aguilar. I’ve known T for many years and had the pleasure of creating music with this fine gentlemen in the project OJO. I can honestly say that Tony is the most creative and inspiring musical artist I know. The vibe and energy created by this wonderful band is electric. There are many influences that come to mind but they seem to remain on the outside of this unique sound. A touch of salt, a pinch of pepper. You get the picture.

Spore333 recently received a live concert review from the national magazine, Music Connection. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out, especially those of you in the central Texas area. A homegrown talent is right under your noses.
- Chapa Newsletter

"Spore 333 - A novelty in a market flooded by clone bands"

S333 Review in Dec. issue of Music Connection Magazine
Category: Music
Spore 333
Waco, TX

Contact: virtumedia@gmail.com; 254-716-5847
Web: http://www.myspace.com/spore333
The Players: Tony Aguilar, vocals, guitar, effects; Victor Aguilar, drums; Sitina Gutierrez, synth, digital effects; John Garner, bass guitar

Material: Spore 333 is a completely original band in every sense of the word. There are no covers here. They could be explained as epic-metal-electronica-rock-fusion, but there’s really only one word that can describe them: unique. With overtones of Blue October and a distinct Tool aftertaste, Spore manages to combine beatboxing, screamo, samples, crooning, and heaps of effects into a strangely cohesive sound. Experimental as their moody sound is, Spore still handles their expansive songs with pop structure, giving listeners a steady footing of verse / chorus / bridge throughout the shifting, effects-laden musical landscape.

Musicianship: Spore’s dedication to their music is readily apparent in their precisely-executed beat drops and time signature changes. Complex layered rhythms, perfectly coordinated by Victor Aguilar and John Garner, spiral up into arching synth melodies, with crunchy riffs evolving into looped themes. Each song has a distinct underlying groove, ranging from pensive to aggressive to jazzy (in a Slipknot-light sense of the word). Tony Aguilar and Sitina Gutierrez are not afraid to use the mounds of effects equipment before them, and the result is a beautiful duality of meshing, unearthly sounds. Their structured dissonance builds a feeling of anticipation, resolving in well-rehearsed breaks, drops, and lengthy but defined phrases.

Performance: Spore’s frontman, Tony Aguilar, is also a painter, and he conveys his artistic sense of creation through an impassioned show. With emotion-laden vocals and an almost desperate need to express himself, Aguilar kept the crowd riveted. Audience members crowded at the base of the small stage, convulsing in time to the beat as Aguilar delivered a Twilight Sad-esque tortured-artist performance. With strange masks and fierce facial expressions, Aguilar and his bandmates demanded and kept the crowd’s attention.

Summary: Spore 333 is a novelty in a market flooded by clone bands. Defying classification while retaining accessibility to the layman’s ear is a difficult feat, but Spore has triumphantly accomplished this. Their riveting show, intricate musical interplay, and engrossing epic compositions can awaken even the most jaded ear.
-Sarah Whited - Music Connection Magazine


Spore 333- Starring You-2005
Spore 333- Birth Of A New Mystique - 2008
Spore 333- The Soundtrack To Something -2009

Working on an EP called "Spore 333 as Le Array"
we are in mid production,,due to be out by the New year 2011



Spore 333 is an original ------

Spore 333 is an emotional ride, Music that one takes with them into oblivion. Spore is a audio monster who shares its every melody mood swing with you, through the world of music. The purpose of Spores music is to provoke thought in the minds of musicians, visual artists, and whomever else needs Fuel or theme to create. The music consists of Spores landscape style writing, utilizing accoustic,electric percussion, keys, samples, bass,accoustic electric guitars etc. All together with harmonic style vocals, and ecclectic word sequencing. Spore looks at music from many angles, tapping in on various styles, moods, sounds, feelings - all promoting and provoking creativity. Spore 333 is a dynamic, musical journey, experimenting with different emotional vibes. The music varies from soft-driving or droned-melotones, to hard-hitting abstract melodies. Spore 333 is music that breathes; that very breath has given life to not only musical art, but visual art as well.....Enjoy!

Spore 333 was started as a singer songwriter / solo journey about 8 years ago,, after crafting an early demo using players,,the hunger for a band unit was in the air, S333 has since learned to craft a multi moody,avant,soulful,rockish,beat-hop, type of sound.
There are Now 3 core members in S333,,and an alternating door for guest drummers,,Spore 333 has such a multifaceted spread of stylings, that they are known to perform a majority of the time with no drummer, while using machine beats,beat-boxing,aux. percussion,,along with solid bass playing by John (tim tom)Garner,,Sweet beat drops and atmospheric sounds by our one and only Sitina Gutierrez,,,All cohesively blending with the Spitfire vocals,guitar,synth,and beatness, by Tony Aguilar who gave birth to this odd musical adventure more than seven years ago......
The songs S333 play as a three piece no drummer,,have the same musical conviction as the full set up with a full drum kit ,
333 brings an array of acoustical organic meets synthetic sounds,,,while at times s333 wears the hat of a full blown rock unit,,the other HALF OF THE TIME 333 loves bringing you an explosion of abstract acoustic lyrical most importantly very original set of songs,,,Spore 333 is a band that can truly explain themselves as a one and only and mean it,,,,