Sport of Kings

Sport of Kings

 New York City, New York, USA

Sport of Kings = Indie yacht rock = The sound you get when you combine catchy indie rock with a love of 70's smooth rock. Or yacht rock, if you will.


Sport of Kings is a combination of members from far flung places and music of different styles. Songwriter Richard Kelly moved to Brooklyn, NY from Dublin, Ireland in 2006, where his band Capratone received much acclaim and airplay and released an EP and LP on Irish independent labels.

Richard set up 'Scientific Laboratories Studios' in Brooklyn, attracting bands such as Yeasayer, The Ravonettes and Au Revoir Simone. Playing his songs in a 4-piece band with bass player Ben Haberland, the departure of the second guitarist led to the decision that brought about Sport of Kings.

At the time, the music was catchy, clever indie rock along the lines of Pavement, Silver Jews, Sonic Youth and others, mixed with 4-part Beach Boys style harmonies. From Haberland's suggestion that the guitarist be instead replaced with a keyboard player, it was decided that the keyboard in question should be a Fender Rhodes electric piano, reflecting their love of Steely Dan and smooth 70's rock, much of which features the rhodes. Colorado native Matt Beckemeyer joined in that capacity in early 2009.

So happy was everyone with the new musical direction, which gave the songs a totally fresh feel, the band agreed to take the fusion of their original sound with 70's smooth rock to it's natural conclusion, in the form of a three piece horn section. Trombone player Kevin Birk was the first to arrive and he soon brought Tenor Sax player Jas Walton and Trumpeter Billy Aukstik along for the ride. The new lineup was cemented by the addition of NYU Jazz School prodigy Ian Chang on drums and debuted in early 2010 and has been receiving rave reviews. This summer sees the launch of a 7" and EP and high profile shows like jellynyc's Rock Yard.


Free Jazz

Written By: Richard Kelly

Verse 1:
Would you like to live in isolation next week?
What’s the chance of cutting a deal with you?
See the lines and watch your service,
Time is open, what’s you purpose?
Watch out for the leisure issue,
Bring your Japanese girlfriend with you.

Get yourself into the cool clear water X3

Verse 2:
Clear a space for a professional who could fix,
Fit the holes appearing, in your, golf game,
See the lines and watch your service,
Time is open, what’s you purpose?
People like to come around,
Families always heading north,
I don’t know where triptychs go but here’s a place where time is frozen.


Part 2:
If I promised to you I wouldn’t lose a penny, would you let me go?
Be careful whose lives you save over the holidays, or don’t you know.
When searching for negatives that don’t develop, lo-look in blind space,
Your lack of respect is clear in front of Krantz’ sphere


Single: 'Free Jazz' 7" b/w '1964'
EP: Sport of Kings EP

Set List

Intro music
Free Jazz
Southern Strategy
Off Topic
Some Histories
Slave Lake