Columbia Falls, Montana, USA
BandHip HopAcoustic

Spostah brings together a diverse muliti instrumental glimpse into the future of Acoustic Hip Hop Rock. Amazing songs! Amazing melodies! And a legacy in the making!


2010 finds Spostah alive, well, and continually tweaking and crafting it’s stage performance. They’re passionate about turning music into soulful live entertainment. With a strong set list of 40 or more original songs and instrumentals to pull from, Spostah is ready to launch!
In an industry that so often can’t see the forest for the trees. We say that there is still a reason to believe that music can be made from the heart. With a style ranging from acoustic hip hop to an eclectic blend of country, reggae, rock and alternative. All ages,shapes, sizes, and creeds have come together to love this music.
For Luke, Olav, Chris and Shane their journey has always been and always will be about the people and the music.
Fusing this commitment with the drive and ability to
create emotion using different styles, sounds, and textures of music is for Spostah, like a child in a sand-box.
The only limit is the imagination.


Spostah EP 2010

Set List

We can play a hard hitting 45 minute showcase. Or a 4 hour set of original songs. Here's a list of some of the songs we will pull from to write a set list.

Walk Before You Crawl
Fresh Air and Suppertime
My Skin
Soak It In
Death Blow
Just A Little
Sweet As Love Alive
The Grass Is Blue
Shyloh Dance
Run Jump Sing
Without The Cross
Fire In The Sand
She's Mine
Bring Out The Blind
Slide Of Hand
Tears Fall
The Song
Stealing Breath
My Car works
Pump Your Fist
Forever Second Chance
Oceans And Cities
Caypah Bayei
She's Pretty In That Dress
Libby's Song
Her Last Day