A truely original guitar driven fusion of jazz, funk, rock, and jam, where all members participate live in forming a genre of live music that is difficult to pin down.


Spotus is a jazz-funk-rock-fusion-type band playing mostly original music. Tossing these guys in a specific genre or style of music is, due to the originality of their music, an impossible task...

According to B.W. Smith of the Fly Magazine: "Its sound is completely unique, and labeling it is a little precarious. However you look at it, Spotus is what you want it to be. If you want to call it upbeat fusion jazz, you could get away with it. If you wanted to call it a jam band, you could get away with it, too. You can call them whatever you want to, but if you happen to run into the band, call them Spotus. That is who they are, and that is what they sound like." The songs and compositions played by this band are all written by the members of this band, and any cover songs played are "Spoto-fied".

Spotus has an ever-growing fan base that enjoys traveling to see their band, and with every show they pick up even more fans...

"Seeing the band take the stage at a gig is in itself a rite of passage. It reminds me of the beginning of a playoff football game. All the fans are going crazy, screaming, yelling and cheering for their heroes. Many people are drinking beers; many are slapping high fives. Like the home team jogging through the paper banner, Spotus enters the stage poised to take over the world. One band member steps up to his microphone to check the action. Another plugs in the guitar. The bass player slaps a quick, guttural note just to make sure the sound is on...As the grace notes ring from Wewer’s guitar, the crowd stands flaccid, building up the energy that will release in the form of jumping, bopping and dancing." B.W. Smith; May, 2006 Edition of the Fly Magazine

A "third time is the charm" quote also from the same source as above:

"If you haven’t heard the new sound of Central Pa., perhaps you missed the burgeoning jazz/fusion/funk/rock-type outfit out of the greater Harrisburg area called Spotus."



Written By: Kurt Wewer

Feels like there's somethin' out there, somethin' I just can't see. Feel like it's comin' after me. Somethin' that's invisible, somethin' that's more free, more free than I will ever be. Is it in the corner there? Is it in that bush? Does it move freely from tree to tree? Does it hide in the briars? Is it on the ground? Is it in the words and how they sound? In the Great Beyond...What do you do? In the Great Beyond...What do you do? Green grass and lilly fields. Water flowers, lots of beer. No Christmas cards and you don't have to know how everyone feels. Free music/no cover charge. Your band works if you work hard. Writing songs can only be as easy as 1-2-3. And in the end in the Great Beyond, all you hear all day long is that one invisible thing;your own original song.

Lazy Day

Written By: Kurt Wewer

The makings of a lazy day
Stay in my pjs till I say
What kind of thing will make me not do anything
No shower no shave nothing to start my day…
…What do you say?

The rain falls down the window
Tonight I will have nothing to show
So many things that have to go
To the mailbox, to the laundry so many things to do
…I’ll do so few

Time passes while I’m on the couch
Deeper and deeper I always slouch
How can I pretend that I have nothing
To write, to clean, give me anything…
…But a TV screen

Flippin’ through the channels
On a TV that is always on
We waste our lives on mindless dribble
Talk shows, music videos, documentaries of celebrities
…Who is he?

It can all be worth more now
Gettin’ up and gettin’ out
It can all be worth more now
Gettin’ up and gettin’ out

Take a shower/shake a tower
Stay in there for an hour
Sittin’ there waitin’ for her to come home
The dog’s waitin’ to go outside, should I…
…go out side?

The makings of a lazy day
Back in my PJ’s for the rest of the day
Tryin’ to be ready for whatever comes my way
A shower a shave such a late start to my day…
…I’m just gonna stay

It can all be worth more now
Gettin’ up and gettin’ out
This is your chance to show that it’s all worth more
Nothing like you’ve done before

All the Way Down

Written By: Kurt Wewer

Feel it in your feet
Feel it in your feet
Feel it in your shoes
Feel it all the way down until you fall into that groove.
The size of the groove don't matter to your shoe
As long as you can get down without trippin' on your feet.
The way that you boogie don't matter to no one else
As long as you can get down and your pleasin' yourself.
Twistin' and spinnin'
Dippin' and Trippin'
Feel it in your feet
Feel it in your feet
Feel it in your shoes
Feel it all the way down until you fall into that groove.


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Set List

Set I:
Upa, Neguinho (Brazilian Jazz Cover)
Go Go Gadget
Cissy Strut (Meters Cover)
Lazy Day
Artists Only (Talking Heads Cover)
Unkmeyer ->>>
I'm The Slime (Frank Zappa Cover)->
The Yimmy->
I'm the Slime

Set II
Kalamazoo ->>
Swervin' on the Groove
Pygmy Twilight (Frank Zappa Cover) ->>>>
No Dance
Hottentot (John Scofield Cover)
Singed ->>>
All the Way Down