Not tied to the 3 minutes pop-song mold, Spoutnixx likes to create moods and reveries by taking their time, stretching it out. Sit back, listen, get down.


Spoutnixx is the effort from long-collaborating friends from high school. Both members used to be in multiple bands together growing up. They have recorded a set of new songs and are backing their efforts with shows coming up.

Spoutnixx is a mixture of disco and danse music with 70's punk and psychedelic. Influences include anything from Daft Punk to Pink Floyd.


Album in the making.

Set List

All Originals:

1. This Maze is Amazing / Elusions, Delusions
2. Long Way Home
3. Babylon Eyes
4. Brand New Season
5. Blue Sky Turns Teal
6. Only Your Ghost
7. Prophylactics and Narcotics
8. Lime and Tanqueray / Fountain of Youth
9. Hope