Spq Her™(pronounced "speak her"), delivers a refreshing sound that belongs in a category of its own. They are Chicago's very own duo that has redefined soul and hip hop. They remind music fans that lyrical content, instrumentation and melodic harmonies are the recipe to timeless music.


Spq-Her™ is not a "group", they refer to themselves as a "duo/team." These two humble young ladies began their influential music careers as artist(s) on the local
Chicago underground hip hop/poetry scene. StephStaa(vocalist/femcee/songwriter) and WizDom(vocalist/poet/songwriter) are the beautifully talented members
of this dynamic duo. Each one of these ladies come with that "Triple Threat" flavor that instantly captures you. These two soulful diva's joined forces in December 2004.
From there, they created a strong bond between one another, then they put the pen to the pad, arranged harmonies over tracks and invaded many venues nationally.

In 2006, Spq-Her dropped their rare/exclusive EP "DEFENDERZ." This eight song EP was a pre-release due to the high demand of internet response and their faithful fast growing fan base.
During the summer of 2006, Spq-Her helped organized their first independent five city tour, they hit venues in: LasVegas, California, Atlanta,
Virgina and their hometown Chicago. So successful, Spq-Her returned from this tour "sold-out" of merchandise, with rave reviews!!! This duo shared the stage with known artists such as: Legendary Dj Kool Herc, KRS1, Large Professor, Common, Dead Prez, Darien Brockington, Erykah Badu, Kindred and Lisa Raye to name a few.
Their highly anticipated LP "DEFENDERZ...Article A" dropped in October 2008 and it efficiently continues to generate sales, which appeals to all races and ages!

In addition, Spq-her has created such a buzz for themselves that they have been requested for several publications and they also have made appearances on cable network channels.
Popular radio station "Soul 106.3 FM" declared this hot duo as their "Soul Search/BomBay Sapphire 2008 Winners!!! Spq-Her continues to work consistently to exceed their dreams and

Spq-her's purpose is beyond music, far beyond this current existence. Their music is simply timeless, it will heal, uplift, inspire and soothe.
It is important to Spq-Her to create songs of substance, teach from experience to the uneducated and instill positivity in music for future generations.
"Spq-Her stands for speaking about, to and from that which we come. It's our tool to balance culture with gutter, love and hate, planned action
and reaction. Our music is not new, it grew out of something bigger than us," says WizDom of Spq-Her.
"Spq-Her is also about shining light to the strong independent woman, who has a strong voice that wants to shout loud and a women who stays in that constant positive motion for humanity. The sound we
bring will always evolve and live timelessly," says StephStaa of Spq-Her.
Currently, Spq-Her is in the process of recording their sophomore LP, collaborating with fellow musical peers and actively performing stages near you!


DEFENDERZ EP = released 2006
DEFENDERZ...article A= released 2008

Set List

15-20minute sets = are 3-4 orginal full songs or 2 orginal and 2 cover tunes.
30-45minute sets = 6 orginal full songs with 4 cover tunes.
45-60minute sets = broken down into two 30 minute sets, 6 orginal full songs with 4 cover tunes.