post wave lofi noir.


sprawl is a band based out of Toronto, Canada.
we have been together for 11 years.
we have shared the stage with everyone, from Hot Hot Heat to Sum 41.
we have released several records.
some records received wide distribution, some didn't.
some of our records have charted on campus and commercial stations.
we have sold records to lots of cool people.
despite our dark and detached demenour, we are quite personable.
our music has been in a bunch of movies and tv shows.
we collect bizarre vintage gear.
sometimes we work on cool side projects.
lots of people have written nice things about us.
our music has never been cited in a suicide note,
or been playing at a crime scene.


we want the cure

Written By: sprawl

run way
i can't wait to catch you
turn the key
open and unlatch you

drama queen
disaster always picks you
i cant wait
i cant wait to fix you

we want the cure

you're so sick
what is it he gave you
show me where it hurts
i can't wait to save you

we want the cure


2004 - We String The Sky with Stars
2003 - Highschool Confidential (w/Carole Pope) -Single
2002 - Sarah Veladora -LP
1998 - Fasterthanyou - LP
1996 - Tear & Drain - EP

Set List

40 min. of emotional genius