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Spread The Rumor

Staten Island, New York, United States

Staten Island, New York, United States
Band Pop Punk


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"Spread The Rumor: A Local Band Battles It Out"

Let's face it, breaking into the music industry these days is a nearly impossible feat to accomplish. In an age where the next big thing is always around the corner, standing on sheer talent alone, just doesn't cut it. Increased global competition stemming from internet exposure websites like YouTube and MySpace can exasperate any young artist's dream of catching their big break. With thousands of optimistic hopefuls competing for a chance at superstardom, one must really think, "how can I distance myself from the pack?"
Putting their artistry to the test, new band Spread The Rumor, is taking the Indie scene on Staten Island by storm. Homegrown, Spread The Rumor is comprised of 17-year-old rhythm guitarist KT Fasulo, 17-year-old keyboardist Hilary Davies, 18-year-old bassist Valerie Bond, 15-year-old lead guitarist Sabrina Fracchiolla and 20-year-old drummer Peter Mazzoli. By combining the talents of three lead singers into their repertoire of songs, Hilary, KT and Sabrina create a style that can only be described as eclectically-charged pop-rock fusion, which stems from their differences in musicality and artistic inspiration. Their diverse creativity can be attributed to their admiration of artists such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Motion City Soundtrack, Ben Folds, Evanescence and Vampire Weekend. Spread The Rumor's assorted collection of melodic and upbeat songs, paired with introspective lyrics, paints a vivid picture of each band member's distinctive personality and keeps the flow of eclecticism alive throughout their material.

From an early age, each member was introduced to the art of music. Sabrina Fracchiolla remembers growing up watching her mother practice guitar. "It was intriguing," says Sabrina. "I was drawn in by the sounds of the guitar and the tone of her voice. There was something magical and peaceful about it." For KT Fasulo, Peter Mazzoli, and Valerie Bond instrumental and singing iteration from home inspired their passion. Keyboardist Hilary Davies on the other hand, was drawn to music in a different way. She recalls, "It was my parents passion for British Rock that drew me to music. It was always on the stereo; The Beatles, The Who... their explanatory message is what drove my creativity and inspired my songwriting."

In October 2008 fate brought these five together and Spread The Rumor was born. Long forgotten friendships were rekindled and a series of coincidences led to an exciting new venture. The story began during the summer of 2000 when Hilary and Valerie first met. Although not hitting it off at first, their initial meeting planted a seed of friendship which flourished five years later when both attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Performing Arts. "At ten we were different people. In high school, the timing was just right," says Hilary. "What brought us together was finally realizing we wanted the same things for our music." This newly found friendship drove them to start up the band.
Finding the missing elements was challenging, but all the pieces fell into place during the next three years. KT, a former classmate of Hillary's from IS 2, joined the band as rhythm guitarist and Sabrina, who met Valerie through a mutual friend at IS 24, joined as lead guitarist. "The drummer?" was the only question that remained. But that question did not go unanswered for long. Drummer Peter Mazzoli vividly remembers the day when he crossed paths with Valerie. "A girl approached me on the bus as I was practicing my rudiments and asked if I would join her band. I was taken back by the question since we had never met. However, listening to her speak passionately about the band, my feelings changed quickly. Even though I came from a heavier type rock background, I liked her vibe and I thought to myself, who wouldn't like to play in a band with four girls? So, I told her I would give it a shot. A year later, here we are."

In the past year, Spread The Rumor has been collectively developing songs. Their unique collaboration process is what keeps their music original. "We each bring our own style and feel to every song," said Valerie Bond. "Because of this no two songs we create sound the same." Their composing is a joint effort with each band member creating a segment of a song. KT Fasulo explains, "It makes it easier to come together, think up a song from scratch, and lay it down in just 30 minutes when we're all concentrating on different parts. We can each take constructive criticism about our individual contribution, which brings the overall song together very nicely."
With over 20 original songs, ranging in topics from relationships to life situations, each song showcases a part of an overall themed story devised by songwriter Hilary Davies. Currently in the studio, the group is compiling a six-song-demo which should hit the streets by mid 2010. However, the public does not need to wait for their debut demo. Already familiar with the live performance scene, Spread The Rumor has racked up a total of 40 different performances throughout the tri-state area. Venues included Staten Island's Martini Red and The Cup, Manhattan's Crash Mansion and events from Make Music New York.
However, their biggest event to date will be held on November 8, 2009, when they'll be put to the test in the Battle of the Bands Finals competition held at Sullivan Hall in Manhattan. With a prize of $500, twenty hours of professional recording time and priceless publicity up for grabs, eight bands from around the city will go head-to-head with a 30-minute song-set, to solidify the right to be labeled New York's "best band". "This is what we have all worked so very hard for," says Peter Mazzoli. "We practice day-in and day-out in order to take full advantage of opportunities like this one. The feeling of a live performance is unbelievable. To know that these girls are behind you the whole way, that feeling can't be topped. We're the perfect combination that just works."
For more information regarding band bios, pictures, and scheduling, visit the band's website at myspace.com/spreadtherumormusic

Battle of the Bands Finals, November 8th, 2009
Sullivan Hall
214 Sullivan St., NYC.
Tickets available at the venue. - What's Good? Magazine





Spread The Rumor is a Staten Island based Alternative/Pop-Punk quintet. It is composed of Hilary Davies (Keyboard/Vocals), Sabrina Fracchiolla (Lead Guitar/Vocals), KT Fasulo (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Valerie Bond (Bass/Backing Vocals), and Terri Caputo (Drums/Backing Vocals). Brought together by a series of coincidences and a wide variety of influences, they have become a focused and driven young band. Their influences range from The Beatles to Evanescence and create an assorted collection of melodic and upbeat songs.