Spring Break Shark Attack!

Spring Break Shark Attack!


Thrash infused surf-a-billy from the heart of Louisiana. A unique and energetic take on instrumental surf music.


Thunderous reverb and intense tremolo picking only scratch the surface of what this Baton Rouge, Louisiana quartet is about. With a background in punk and metal music the group began applying that same energy to the instrumental style of 50s instrumental rock n roll. Often described as breakneck surf-a-billy the band provides an aggressive version of surf rock that is also strongly rooted in thrash, jazz, rockabilly, space rock, and just a little bit of noise. The group originally joined together in the fall of 2004 under the name Shark Attack!, later changing the name to Spring Break Shark Attack! Now after more than 2 years of dominating the Louisiana scene, completely selling out of their debut EP, regular radio airplay, Spring Break Shark Attack! has finally released its new full length, Sharkronomicon.


2006 Shark Attack! EP
2007 Sharkronomicon

Set List

Sets are typically 1 hour in length and are composed entirely of original music.

Original Songs include:
Red Surf
Army Of Sharkness
El Tiburon
Swim For Your Life
Eat People
Sharkronomicon: Dawn of The Devine Invocation
Party Barge Putrification (Sharks on Mescaline)
Great White
A Shark Ate My Baby
Feeding Frenzy
Chum Shot
Blood Ocean