Springfield Riots

Springfield Riots


A unique sound and interestingly rowdy performance. From folk to heavy, they generate an ocean of life that is less a wall of sound and more a tsunami.


Springfield Riots is a band that creates waves of sounds through infectious melodies and catchy rhythms. Their tunes vary from quiet to loud, pleasant to fierce but never boring or over repetitive. In late 2008, Pedro Tijerina wrote two songs that were beautiful, they had great dynamics and amazing melodies. They were recorded and well received by friends and fans of his previous projects. After some talks with former band mates and just random musicians the current line up was formed. The band is composed of a rowdy diverse bunch that will entertain the harshest audiences.


Say When Ep 2009(summer)
"Bells and Chimes" streaming on
: http://www.musicforlisteners.com/

Set List

8 songs. Most are untitled. Very rowdy and loud but we know how to adjust to a room.