Spring Gun

Spring Gun


It's just space-pop with epic guitar noise and a folk backbone.


Spring Gun was formed during February 2006 largely from the decline of several influential Lincoln bands. Lineup includes former Golden Age / A Dim Halo members Nate Mickish and Clint Wheeler; and former Mr. 1986 members Andy Koeneke and Micah Schmiedeskamp. The new partnership founded with Spring Gun yields a sound that is a balance between their breed of Omaha folk and thirst for ear-piercing post-rock. Spring Gun's EP release show on 8/4/07 will also be the introduction of their newest full-time member, Nick Buller who will play tandem percussion alongside Wheeler. With the addition of Buller, long time ideas are quickly turning into reality, and Spring Gun is taking strides to embellish the sound they achieved on Lover Slain by expanding their already heavy-hitting rhythm section.

Below is an excerpt from a review by Omahype.com for the show Spring Gun played with Minus the Bear on May 21, 2007

Anyway, up first was Spring Gun. I'd listened to their very, very new EP 'Lovers Slain' a few times in the past couple of days, so them being the surprise opening band was a cool coincidence. I think the EP is great, it's got some delicate moments but a lot of huge moments too. Live its kind of the same thing, except with extended huge moments. They build and build, almost in a post-rock manner. I'm not familiar enough to know if they played everything from the EP but most of the songs I recognized, including my favorite 'West'. One thing I noticed was that some of the songs seemed to go on and on without a real ending point and lost a little bit of steam. Otherwise I thought these dudes were phenomenal and I recommend checking out Lovers Slain (link below) as soon as possible and going out of your way to see them next time they get something scheduled. Thanks to Spring Gun for turning what was a pretty disappointing night into a nice surprise.
Omahype.com, 5/22/07 Blog


The 'Lover Slain' EP: Self-released 2007
Stream it at www.virb.com/springgun

Set List

1. I've been accused of worse by lesser men
2. Good Kings
3. West
4. Take me away
5. Syntax
6. Crystal
7. Three rings

Set usually runs about 35-40 minutes