Spring Skier

Spring Skier

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

Edward Guglielmino is a chameleon and a comedian; marrying his left field abstract-folk-rock with a sincere honesty and wit Ed has gained strong tastemaker respect and a burgeoning underground following in his home country, Australia and further afield.


What happens when Hungry Kids of Hungary vocalist Kane Mazlin and The Paper & the Plane bassist Remy Boccalatte get together? Apart from the usual creation of language to be added to popular culture, and the over-indulgence in barley based treats, music is also created in a somewhat reminiscent pop folk vein. With the combination of dual vocals that both explore an entire range, leading the way over melodic guitar and keyboard, it's not hard to find yourself drift off into more nostalgic times. Open minded to explore in various percussion and range of instruments, Spring Skier is surely going to create something for everyone. Currently working on tracks for a debut release, keep your eyes on the pines and ears to the snow.


Debut EP due for release August 2011