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The End Of The World

Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020 | AFM

Portland, Oregon, United States | AFM
Established on Jan, 2020
Band Rock Psychedelic




"Steffen Presents: The End of The World Drops an Anthemic Single, "Yacht Rock""

Coming in from Portland, Oregon, the theatrical pop-rock collective Steffen Presents: The End of The World with their latest lively single, "Yacht Rock."

Steffen Presents: The End of The World comprises many collaborators to make their distinct and explorative sound. The collective sonically explores many relatable themes that convey the importance and complexities of living each experience to the fullest. Often compared to names like The Talking Heads, Captain Beefheart, Nick Cave, or Animal Collective, Steffen Presents: The End of The World offers a whole new sound that's entirely their own.

The collective is currently writing their second record and gave us a taste of what to expect through their latest dynamic and groovy single, "Yacht Rock." The song offers this huge psychedelic orchestra feel at certain points but switches into different rock elements that emphasize the collective's conceptual yet playful, alien-inspired lyrical message.

Jumping into the new single, "Yacht Rock," the track kicks off with a big and broad orchestral rock instrumental that leads us into the first verse, where the lead vocalist expands on an alien's perspective roaming the celestials in search of the next party. But, his alien crew wants to head back home to Mars when all is said and done.

We can honestly say this song is like nothing we've ever heard before, and Steffen Presents: The End of The World offers such a complex instrumental feel that's similar to the climax of a major motion picture. We love the jumpy and anthemic feel of this track; it's truly the perfect way to get to know such a complex and skilled collective like Steffen Presents: The End of The World.

Jam out to some "Yacht Rock" with Steffen Presents: The End of The World's latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Steffen Presents: The End of The World. We were truly taken aback when listening to your explorative and lively new single, "Yacht Rock." What inspired your group to create this piece?

Ha! Yeah, this piece in broad strokes was a response to the discord, or friction that seems to be everywhere you turn right now. It can feel like we are defined by or limited to sharing experiences only with people that agree with us on everything. And well, that rarely happens and we end up divided with everyone asserting themselves, and that's no fun.

Was there a certain message or concept in "Yacht Rock" that you wanted listeners to pick up on?

Absolutely, "Yacht Rock" suggests embracing, understanding, and seeking out what we have in common in place of suppressing someone else out of fear. Like maybe you don't speak the same language, but you can still turn up the music, maybe you weren't born in the same country, but you both dig great food, so go get some! We should tear down barriers/borders between each other and focus on having incredible experiences together.

Could you introduce us to the main, active members in your group who helped create "Yacht Rock?"

The current lineup of SP:TEOTW is made up of Myster Ben on the drums, Chuck McMuffin on guitar, Harken on Bass, Saxophone Joe on Saxophone, and Steffen on Vox/Keys. The recording of Yacht Rock actually took place in both Portland Oregon and Maui Hawaii, before this lineup had come together. We worked with long-time collaborator Timothy Morris in his studio on Maui who wrote and tracked the guitar for this one. Steffen played the bass and keys, then Ben and Joe both wrote and recorded their drum and sax parts on it. If you listen at the end, Timothy laid down two totally over the top, 80's finger-tapping guitar solos panned left and right.

Will we hear "Yacht Rock" on your forthcoming album? What should we expect from the record?

YES! "Yacht Rock" will be a main single and featured on our upcoming 12 track full-length record. The record is a theatrical sort of journey as a whole, that draws from condensed or highly stylized pop sensibilities to feel at times familiar but strange enough to be intriguing. I don't think you'll know what to expect next, and some of my favorite artists/albums do that, the music is attention-grabbing. It's been years in the making/waiting now, we are incredibly excited to finally be getting it out there and are hoping for summer/fall of 2022 to release and would love to have vinyl if we can pull it off by then!

What can listeners anticipate to hearing from you this year?

We've put out three tracks so far and a music video for Let Go came out last month that we are super stoked about. Currently, we have 2 more singles lined up before the full album. On March 1st we will release a new track called "Where R U?" that will have a killer music video coming with it, definitely check it out. Following that we plan to release a full-length performance filmed at the Cosmic Studio soundstage here in Portland, it's looking incredible and it will give fans a look at what our live shows will be like. Then of course the LIVE SHOWS, we are stoked to see shows coming back, and hope to see you out there in person soon!! Seriously, cannot wait! - Buzz Music


Still working on that hot first release.



Our collective has strived to be your premier destination for theatrical pop rock since 2020. Formed near mountains in the forests that line the Pacific Ocean, SP:TEOTW thrives on the pursuit of bringing un-recreatable experiences to our collaborators and appreciators. You are part of the experience already and we welcome you to embrace your potential, let's make something unreal together now!


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