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Some of the most talented producers in the industry. Every track is unique. These producers are what hip hop is mising. The first single "Dough Boy" is a great example of this. Dough Boy, produced by SP the Specialist has great potential t. Stay tuned for the Arpril 22, 2008 release of Dough Boy!


Street Vinyl Music is the newest most unique and promising labels. Formed by Industry experts and business professionals, Street Vinyl Music is changing the way we listen to music. Our focus is to become a household name. Catering to the needs of artists and djs, we promise to deliver the finest quality music production on a consistent basis.

Street Vinyl Music has employed some of most talented producers in the industry. We realize that there are a million and one producers out there. That's why our in house producers put their all into every single track.

No matter the budget, there’s a track for you. If you can't decide which is your favorite, choose as many as you like. If you don't hear anything you like, let us customize a track for you.


Dough Boy, the first single is available almost everwhere. The official release is April 22, 2008.