Spud Nigger (da spuds)

Spud Nigger (da spuds)


From the O'Nigger family, Spud Nigger hails from a proud tradition of infighting and life-threatening alchohol consumption. How on earth these three lads got ahold of instruments and managed to stay sober enough to finish recording their album is an insoluble mystery.


Spud Nigger (da spuds) is a punk acoustic band from the geographical arsehole of Ireland (Athlone).

Combining catchy, aggressive punk music and humour, da spuds are poised to take Ireland by storm! (or call a storm down on Ireland - one or the other)

A review of their EP on shitenonions.com states:

"As a sub-genre, ‘Celtic Folk Punk’ tends to be a hybrid; a combination of traditional and punk styles. Nevertheless, almost as if this seemingly instinctive concept wasn’t properly explained, along comes ‘Spud Nigger,’ a band that is Celtic, (being from the very middle of the Emerald Isle,) Folk, (well, acoustic anyways,) and Punk, (in almost every other interpretation of the definition.)

More specifically, ‘Spud Nigger’ is an acoustic punk trio out of County Westmeath, in the center of Ireland. Made up of acoustic guitar, bass, drums and vocals, the three-piece outfit plays fast-moving, upbeat punk in a stripped-down, minimalist style entirely like itself and no one else."

Their lively, audience-engaging shows are quickly becoming the stuff of legend.


Scratchings - 5 song EP
Scratch Tracks - 13 track album due out in August!

Set List

When I grow up I wanna drink
shrink my head
burgers n chips
the gardai
chicken balls
cake n beer
40 stone
pissin inna cup
you've got no face
old black crow