A meaningful storm before the calm of an apocolyptic intervention. A dedicated and motivated group of musicians who are ready to get the attention of the world. Dare to make them prove it. SPUN. will grab you with their riffs and imprison you with their hooks.


Spun. is everything the names implies.Its time to get people to stop looking and to start listening. There is no need for a long, boring bio. Just listen to the music, it tells a much better story. This is the future of music. SPUN. has set forth to recruit an "ARM* ME" of listeners. Enlistment is open, we will be waiting.

Spun. has had the honor of sharing a stage with E.Town Concrete, All That Remains, Ismada, Hand To Hand, Thoughts Lost, Dope, Manntis, Bleed The Sky, Indorphine, and many more.


Single Releases - 5-16-06 :

"A Solemn Affair"

"The Monotony of Murder"

"Victim Of"

SPUN. "my Dying Breath" ep - August 23rd, 2005

"disgrace" single - August 5th , 2005

"Turning Point" live video - Sept. 4th , 2005

"Disgrace" live video - Sept. 18th, 2005

"The Monotony of Murder" live video - March 13th, 2006

Set List

Victim Of

Saints and Sinners


The monotony of murder

A solemn Affair


In Misery

Of things Past

Time Goes By

My Dying Breath