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SpunHoney originated in the great Northwest as a forum for Hollis' smooth voice and Rebekah's moving lyrics. Since Hollis' recent move to Austin, TX, the two friends have continue collaborating, motivating, and inspiring each other long distance.


Walking the Plank

Written By: Rebekah Joy Johnson

Vs 1) We're clear; you owe me no explanation
Hours spent pacing and praying won't add up
Or worry over decisions that we're making
Good times and good intentions had better be good enough

You tell me there's too many needs and expectations
Set adrift you'd never risk enough to ever be dragged down
And if I want this to work, I'd better get on board
Well, baby, maybe I'd rather drown!

Chorus) All our common ground Sunk beneath the sea
Jump in if you're brave sailor and Rescue me
But all your pirate flags are flyin'
Girls to hold and gold in every port
At the mercy of the wind that blows
Following the storm
Row your boat, mighty captain,
I am swimming ashore

Vs2) I wish I would have listened to the voices
Of my friends and in my head that said you had leaving on your mind
Instead I slipped on other choices
Now I'm dealing with the whiplash of better off left behind


Break) These lines on my face
They weren't here yesterday
Still it's just a trace,
Just a fraction of what would've happened if I'd stayed