Spun Whirled

Spun Whirled


Spun Whirled is a super-improv band. We play originals and cover songs that are host to long psychedelic jams. Doug Swanigan is the premier guitarist of the Indy scene. The rhythm section is fast and furious, slow and meaningful. This band brings back the true meaning of improvisation.


This band formed on St. Patricks's Day 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana. All three members are very experienced players that love to improv. The style is more jazz based than folk based, which sets us apart from most jam bands. The vocals are only small "islands" where we stop between intense long jams that wind and twist through many styles of music. Fun for the mind and feet!! We plan on taking this act to as many music fans as possible. This is a "must-see" live band.


We have links at www.spunwhirled.com

Set List

Pink Floyd, Money
The Beatles, Dear Prudence
The Stones, It's All Over Now
Phish, Maze
Plus Original material