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"My Story"

Aaron Ivey, frontman for Indelible band SPUR58


We all have a story. When Christ spoke, He often used stories to make His point. He was always interested in people’s lives and their stories. Where they came from and what they were a part of was really important to the heart of Christ. The Bible is full of stories. Stories that point us to a loving, compassionate God. I really believe that the stories of our lives, although complex and sometimes painful, can illuminate God’s beauty and mercy in the world around us.

I grew up in a fairly conservative, Christian home. My dad is a pastor, so I have always been in the church. We went to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. Although I gladly went to church, it was just something that I did. I was the nice guy in school. I did and said all the right things…but inwardly, I really didn’t have a clue what it meant to “know Christ.” It wasn’t until I got to college that I started to understand that God wanted to have personal interaction with me. The first book I really got into was “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers. A friend gave it to me and said I should start reading it. I read it once and could not put it down for an entire year. I remember just feasting on God’s Word every morning for an entire year. It was one of the most phenomenal seasons of my life. It was then that I got a sense of God’s moving in my own life. From that point on, I really understood that life was about more than just going to church, just saying and doing the right things. There had to be more to Christianity than just being a good, moral person.

In our culture, there are thousands of really good and decent people with high morals. But this cannot be the end aim of life. Ephesians 5:1 says it this way: “Therefore, be imitators of God, as dearly beloved children.” This verse has been a passage that fuels who I am.

I have two beautiful boys, Cayden and Deacon. Cayden was born in January of 2004, so he is two and a half years old. He understands what it means to be an imitator. He sees his father (me) do something, and he copies it verbatim. Among his favorite things to do is sit in front of the TV and shout, “Daddy sing! Daddy sing!” He’s demanding that Jamie put in a SPUR58 video so he can watch and sing along with Daddy. He goes to the toy box, grabs his little blue keyboard and microphone, and sets it up front row for the concert that’s about to take place in our living room. As he watches his dad play piano and sing on TV, he sits at his keyboard and mimicks me to a tee. He’s got the complete package going on…head bobs, feet moving, banging away on the piano, and singing into the microphone. He doesn’t know all the intricate details of music, he’s never been trained as a vocalist. But he sees what his father does, and he desperately wants to be just like me.

Cayden is far from being numb…he is actively living his two-year-old life. He doesn’t have a clue of the meaning of spirituality…he just knows one thing…“I want to be like my daddy.”

So my story is this: I’m not a perfect person, and I don’t have all my little boxes checked on the Christian “to-do” list…but I desperately want to live by Ephesians 5:1. I want to be an imitator of Christ in all that I do.
- CMSpin.com

"Sleepwalkers Review"

It all started in Houston where frontman Aaron Ivey was involved in student ministry. Guitarist Chad Martin was in his group of students, and their connection sparked the desire for music that ministered in power. The next step was recruiting bass player Steven Bush, who brought in guitarist Jimmy Ingrim. Sounds simple on paper, but the process actually involved some patience, some waiting, and even a move to Tennessee, where they led a college Bible study, and incidentally, met drummer Guy Roberts. Together, they connected with students though the gateway of music. To this day, they will tell you that music is only 10% of their ministry; it is the building of community through the music that has their fullest focus.

These beginnings and this center show up clearly on "Sleepwalkers," its cohesiveness giving it almost a prog rock opera feel. The album builds throughout, moving from one melodic gem to the next. It's like a driving modern rock wake-up call, stirring your spirit slowly at first, then its thundering guitars pushing you forward to snap out of it, and actually look at your life and your relationship with God. High-energy opener "Always Been There" reminds us of God's constancy, a la the funkiest of bass lines and some Jeff Deyo-like rock rhythms. The driving guitars of "Starting to See" celebrate our intimacy with Him. The title track asks us to check our pulse, make sure we're alive. Its ripping guitars and pounding rhythm section echo Ivey's soaring wake-up vocals. The bright keyboards of "The Wonderful" move the album into the realm of heartfelt worship, Ivey's passionate vocals leading the way into a series of vertically-oriented tracks which build to a fervent crescendo. Standout track "Sustaining Me" is five minutes of howling, whistling worship, its note-bending guitar riffs supported powerfully by Roberts' muscle drums. The full sound of "Kyle's Lament" is high drama synth work under Ivey's expressive vocals, Roberts again shouldering the load. The momentum continues with the explosive celebration of "All to My God," and the melodic closer "Start Over" is simply the trippiest encourager I've heard in a while. This beauteous piano-ballad wanders through a full soundscape of buzzy guitars, sparkling keys and sky-scraping vocals to remind us that it is never too late to start over with the Lord. Come October 10, Spur58's "Sleepwalkers" will tell you what time it is. - suite 101

"Sleepwalkers Review"

Spur 58 is one of those bands that when you listen to them you know what they stand for and why they do what they do. Formed in Houston, TX when frontman Aaron Ivey was a youth pastor leading worship, but he felt as though he wanted to reach outside of “just one church.” The result was teaming up with Chad Martin (guitars), Steven Bush (Bass) and Jimmie Ingram (guitars) to form the modern worship band Spur 58.

Sleepwalkers is the first national release for Spur 58 on Idelible Creative Group. The result is a well-produced passionate “modern rock” CD that is sure to continue in the modern worship movement. I have found that praise and worship has found its voice and niche. This can be good or bad. The negative effect is whenever a genre can be formulized the life seems to get sucked out of it. Fortunately for Spur 58 they were able to develop a CD that has life to it and ventures into some new areas of the genre. Their sound could be described as a mixture of The Swift meets Delirious? meets Chris Tomlin. It is very listener friendly with worshipful lyrics and catchy upbeat melodies. Some of the highlights include the song “Sleepwalkers” (which is a call to wake up call to Christians to stop going through the motions and live your life for Christ), “Sustaining Me” and “Start Over”.

All in all Sleepwalkers is a delightful praise and worship CD. If they can stick around for a while I am sure that Spur 58 will eventually be a band who will be leading the modern praise and worship movement. This CD will certainly appeal to fans of the modern rock praise and worship movement. Check this CD out it’s a great CD to bring you into the presence of God. - 1340 magazine

"Indelible Creative Group Signs Spur58"

Band Planning Fall Release of Its Melodic Rock Debut

(FRANKLIN, Tenn.) June 12, 2006 –In its search for artists who create timely and significant music, Indelible Creative Group introduces spur58, the label’s newest signing, a melodic rock band that explores worship through personal stories. The band is currently in the studio and will release its national debut October 10.

“spur58 has the unique ability to share truth in a remarkable way,” says president and co-founder of Indelible Creative Group, Chris Thomason “Yes, musically they are great, but these guys are about more than just music. Their heartfelt, straightforward lyrics and dedication to face-to-face communication with an audience gives the band’s ministry true validity.”

Taking its name from a road in native state Texas, five-piece rock band spur58 aims to create community among music fans, believers as well as non-believers, by sharing honest thoughts on worship through a powerful, melodic blend of guitars and piano. Believing that every person worships something, spur58 writes music that speaks to its desire to see people worship God intimately, both personally and corporately, using transparent, real life stories which offer a wider view of God.

“Our heart is leading worship. That’s what we love to do and are passionate about,” says frontman Aaron Ivey. “But that doesn’t always mean getting people to sing along. We believe that to lead someone to respond to God, you must show them all aspects of God and life. It’s so easy to instigate the worship ‘thing’ and get everyone hyped up about how great God is, but sometimes we miss the truth that God is great and good even in pain and suffering.”

Frontman Ivey, guitarists Jimmie Ingram and Chad Martin, Steven Bush on bass and drummer Guy Roberts base themselves in Murfreesboro, Tenn., just southeast of Nashville, not for its close proximity to the music scene but for the young adults they lead in worship at their home church. When not at home, the band can be found criss-crossing the United States in a van, playing more than 200 dates a year.

Indelible Creative Group seeks to help build God’s kingdom by creating remarkable experiences through media products that are culturally and spiritually relevant. Among its releases are a self-titled music debut from The Longing, and Velocity, a music experience that connects independent artists with their cause-driven mission to impact the world. Indelible Creative Group is distributed by Word Distribution at CBA retail and WEA Distribution in the general market. For more information, visit www.indelibleonline.com.
- Indelible Creative Group / Mandy Collinger


Sleepwalkers LP - released October 10, 2006
Blessed Catastrophe LP (indie)- March 2005
Swept Away: the EP (indie) - May 2004
Image of New LP (indie) - February 2002




Sleepwalking, it’s the practice of walking while asleep. And while only four percent of American adults suffer from this medical affliction, metaphorically, SPUR58 sees an outbreak of sleepwalking all over the country. “We’re sleepwalkers. We’re going through the motions and we forget all the life around us,” says frontman Aaron Ivey. “If you’re going to claim to know Jesus, you’ve got to wake up.”

Committed to this message, SPUR58 started crisscrossing the United States, playing over 200-dates a year, to reach as many people as possible with the wake-up call. “We were just a group of guys who loved playing music together and ministering to others while doing it,” remembers Ivey. “Eventually, however, when we decided to take our ministry on the road, we had to take ‘being a band’ more seriously. But the whole band thing was more a means to an end.” Now after several years and a few hundred thousand miles on their van, SPUR58 releases their major label debut Sleepwalkers with Indelible Creative Group.

SPUR58 had their beginning in Houston, where Ivey was a youth pastor leading worship. “I was really passionate about music and speaking into people’s lives in that way. Leading worship was my job, but I felt like I was supposed to share that outside just one church. The key was finding some guys who saw this with the same heart and passion.”

The result of that search led Ivey right to his own student ministry, where he discovered guitarist Chad Martin. Martin, who was a student in Ivey’s youth group, originally joined the band as bass player while finishing high school. Next Ivey recruited college friend and bass player Steven Bush, who shared the same heart for music, ministry and worship. Then, Bush suggested his roommate, guitarist Jimmie Ingram, to fill out the band’s modern-rock sound.

In 2003, SPUR58 moved to Murfreesboro, Tenn., just southeast of Nashville, not for its close proximity to the music scene but for the young adults they led in worship at their home church. “My mentor moved there to pastor a church,” says Ivey. “He called to see if we’d be interested in leading a college Bible study, giving it direction. We felt that connecting in this way with a church and college ministry would be a great fit while still giving us the opportunity to continue to travel and lead worship.” Drummer Guy Roberts lived in the Nashville area and joined SPUR58 in early 2006. Though impressed with his playing, it was his interaction offstage that convinced bandmates he fit. “We knew he was perfect for the band when we saw him interact with the students,” recalls Martin.

“Music is a gateway to connect with people,” says Bush. “If we take what we do behind the guitar or mic as our ministry, we’re missing the point. That’s only about 10 percent of this. When we come offstage, truly engaging with the audience and connecting with where they’re at, that’s the beauty of what we do.” Music is a vehicle for SPUR58’s objective, and their partnership with Indelible affords the band the opportunity to spread their message.

Looking for a label partner who shared the band’s ministry vision, SPUR58 met with countless Nashville labels before finding the perfect fit in Indelible Creative Group. “We connected with Indelible because they’re really artist-driven. They are all about creating remarkable experiences – which is one of the things we’ve tried to achieve with SPUR58. They didn’t want to make us into something else; they believed we were already doing what God called us to do. Hearing that was key. It made this feel like a team, a partnership,” says Ivey.

Aiming to create community among music fans, believers as well as non-believers, SPUR58 shares honest thoughts on worship through a powerful, melodic blend of guitars and piano. “Ready to Love” offers a commitment of worship and “The Wonderful” sings directly to God’s majesty, while God’s perspective pleads straight to the listener on “Calling You.”

But the band’s brand of worship goes beyond the song designed for corporate worship. “Our heart is leading worship. That’s what we love to do and are passionate about, but that doesn’t always mean getting people to sing along,” Ivey says. “We believe that to lead someone to respond to God, you must show them all aspects of God and life. It’s sometimes easy to instigate the worship thing and get everyone hyped up about how great God is, but sometimes we miss the truth that God is great and good even in pain and suffering.”

Finding ways to break the mold around worship music, SPUR58 writes observant songs from the everyday. The album’s title cut comes from Ivey’s watching his friend Cody, a clinically diagnosed sleepwalker, get up one night sleepwalking, unaware of what he was doing. The idea hit Ivey that many believers live such a life.

SPUR58 wants to drive that idea home – life is about more than going through the motions; everyone’s life has a