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Sleepwalking, it’s the practice of walking while asleep. And while only four percent of American adults suffer from this medical affliction, metaphorically, SPUR58 sees an outbreak of sleepwalking all over the country. “We’re sleepwalkers. We’re going through the motions and we forget all the life around us,” says frontman Aaron Ivey. “If you’re going to claim to know Jesus, you’ve got to wake up.”

Committed to this message, SPUR58 started crisscrossing the United States, playing over 200-dates a year, to reach as many people as possible with the wake-up call. “We were just a group of guys who loved playing music together and ministering to others while doing it,” remembers Ivey. “Eventually, however, when we decided to take our ministry on the road, we had to take ‘being a band’ more seriously. But the whole band thing was more a means to an end.” Now after several years and a few hundred thousand miles on their van, SPUR58 releases their major label debut Sleepwalkers with Indelible Creative Group.

SPUR58 had their beginning in Houston, where Ivey was a youth pastor leading worship. “I was really passionate about music and speaking into people’s lives in that way. Leading worship was my job, but I felt like I was supposed to share that outside just one church. The key was finding some guys who saw this with the same heart and passion.”

The result of that search led Ivey right to his own student ministry, where he discovered guitarist Chad Martin. Martin, who was a student in Ivey’s youth group, originally joined the band as bass player while finishing high school. Next Ivey recruited college friend and bass player Steven Bush, who shared the same heart for music, ministry and worship. Then, Bush suggested his roommate, guitarist Jimmie Ingram, to fill out the band’s modern-rock sound.

In 2003, SPUR58 moved to Murfreesboro, Tenn., just southeast of Nashville, not for its close proximity to the music scene but for the young adults they led in worship at their home church. “My mentor moved there to pastor a church,” says Ivey. “He called to see if we’d be interested in leading a college Bible study, giving it direction. We felt that connecting in this way with a church and college ministry would be a great fit while still giving us the opportunity to continue to travel and lead worship.” Drummer Guy Roberts lived in the Nashville area and joined SPUR58 in early 2006. Though impressed with his playing, it was his interaction offstage that convinced bandmates he fit. “We knew he was perfect for the band when we saw him interact with the students,” recalls Martin.

“Music is a gateway to connect with people,” says Bush. “If we take what we do behind the guitar or mic as our ministry, we’re missing the point. That’s only about 10 percent of this. When we come offstage, truly engaging with the audience and connecting with where they’re at, that’s the beauty of what we do.” Music is a vehicle for SPUR58’s objective, and their partnership with Indelible affords the band the opportunity to spread their message.

Looking for a label partner who shared the band’s ministry vision, SPUR58 met with countless Nashville labels before finding the perfect fit in Indelible Creative Group. “We connected with Indelible because they’re really artist-driven. They are all about creating remarkable experiences – which is one of the things we’ve tried to achieve with SPUR58. They didn’t want to make us into something else; they believed we were already doing what God called us to do. Hearing that was key. It made this feel like a team, a partnership,” says Ivey.

Aiming to create community among music fans, believers as well as non-believers, SPUR58 shares honest thoughts on worship through a powerful, melodic blend of guitars and piano. “Ready to Love” offers a commitment of worship and “The Wonderful” sings directly to God’s majesty, while God’s perspective pleads straight to the listener on “Calling You.”

But the band’s brand of worship goes beyond the song designed for corporate worship. “Our heart is leading worship. That’s what we love to do and are passionate about, but that doesn’t always mean getting people to sing along,” Ivey says. “We believe that to lead someone to respond to God, you must show them all aspects of God and life. It’s sometimes easy to instigate the worship thing and get everyone hyped up about how great God is, but sometimes we miss the truth that God is great and good even in pain and suffering.”

Finding ways to break the mold around worship music, SPUR58 writes observant songs from the everyday. The album’s title cut comes from Ivey’s watching his friend Cody, a clinically diagnosed sleepwalker, get up one night sleepwalking, unaware of what he was doing. The idea hit Ivey that many believers live such a life.

SPUR58 wants to drive that idea home – life is about more than going through the motions; everyone’s life has a


I Fall

Written By: Spur58

Blessed catastrophe
you took the death from me
what a mystery
salvation came to me
that when such royalty
would die across the tree
redemption's chorus rings
a song of victory

how beautiful to give all to thee
how beautiful to be all to thee

i fall before you and wonder and awe
i join with the heavens declaring
that you are most high
you are the light
you are the marvelous giver of life
i fall

The Wonderful

Written By: Spur58

oh majesty, you are the Lord
we bow down
oh king on high, you give us life
we bow down
oh merciful, compassionate friend
we bow down
to you alone, we give our lives
we glorify

lovely is our pefect God
wonderful in all that you do
we bow down and cry out to you
oh God, you are the wonderful

oh majesty you are
oh wonderful you are

Kyle's Lament

Written By: Spur58

my skin is crawling
through the darkness
hope feels gone
i'm breathing slowly
tears are flowing
the pain is all too strong

my strength has perished
my happiness is gone

still you remain
my hope lies in you
tear me from my skin
tear me away

i've placed a wall around me
my voice can't get out
surely the angels see my pain
and so can you
don't turn away
Lord, hear my desperate cry
i'm screaming out to you

your strength is building me
my happiness survives

still you remain
my hope lies in you
save me from my skin
tear me away

though grief has fallen over me
bemused my eyes
compassion and unfailing love
surroundeth me

still you remain
my hope lies in your
save me from my skin
tear me away

All to My God and King

Written By: Spur58

all to my God and King

it's the glory of
your majesty
it's the mystery
of your love for me

my heart will say
my heart will sing
you are the Christ
you are the King

and i find my worth in your majesty
i find myself in you've captured me


Sleepwalkers LP - released October 10, 2006
Blessed Catastrophe LP (indie)- March 2005
Swept Away: the EP (indie) - May 2004
Image of New LP (indie) - February 2002

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