Sputnik Monroe

Sputnik Monroe


Experimental like Deerhunter, Flaming Lips, Animal Collective, Deerhoof, Grizzly Bear energy of Les Savy Fav, Mars Volta, early Pink Floyd psychedelic swells, soundtrack type interludes . Main focus for songwriting is to be artistic and honest. Main focus as performers is to play the bongos bitch!


Sputnik Monroe's frontman/lyricist was once a science teacher, high school band leader, and looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. At 6' 4", bearded, and messy haired...it's always a shock to hear him sing at a higher octave than most girls can. His vocals have been compared to Cedric Bixler from The Mars Volta and Robert Plant. He swings his mic around and runs back and forth to small synthesizers to add experimental effects to his sound. Noel Bass, the band's guitarist/songwriter, was a shoe salesman turned photographer. Known to live in a six by six foot self made closet sized room for two years and living rooms before that, he spends most of his time writing musical pieces for the band and figuring out electronic effects pedals. On occasion, he will retreat to Mexico for a month in solitude to write music and return to present his ideas to a waiting and equally passionate bassist. Pat Doyle is the bands multi-talented bassist, playing keys and acting as manager in the early years. Over the years, Sputnik Monroe has evolved their experimentation into some kind of psycho-pop with tendencies to be progressive and psychedelic. Many of the compositions have an energy of their own, danceable, yet pleasurable to sit and let your mind imagine. Their albums are crafted like plays or movies creating a constant flow of energy as if telling a story. It's common to go to a show and see a room full of dancing bodies, losing their minds to some futuristic sounds...only to see them still with wide eyes ten minutes later being hypnotized to a dark moody experimental composition. Sputnik Monroe is positive, but not escapist.


*(2009)"The Celebration" The Great Depression Celebration part 2

*(2008)"We're Doomed" The Great Depression Celebration part 1

*(2006) "Wake the Sleeping Giant"

Set List

All original music. Anywhere from 45 minute to two hours.