Sputniks Down

Sputniks Down


This music has absolutely no redeeming social value. That being said, we hope to change the world.


Fans of Sputnik's Down are lucky to be part of a band just realizing it's potential. With energetic live performances and wry, thoughtful songs - this band has finally started coming into it's own and shows no sign of stopping. Each member brings years of diverse experience to the group to create a different sound that's gaining attention rapidly. The songs range from serious twentysomething frustration to light-hearted observations to bittersweet memories of easier days just years ago. To see and to listen is to step into a world where life can be laughed at while still turning an introspective eye inward. Located in and around New York city, this band is one not to missed.
-Nathan Covey

Sputnik's Down formed in January 2003.


Self-titled CD to be released in March of 2004

Set List

Tis a list of songs that will apear on our upcoming album (May 2004)
World I hid
Love song #1(Kiss Me)
Nowhere Fast
Going Down
TheBallad of the Talking Rabbits
Into Morning(Bleed)
Shoot Me in the F***ing Head
Lost Child
Don't Know Why