Sputnik Slovenia

Sputnik Slovenia

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Sputnik Slovenia combines elements of punk, rock, folk, techno, and humor into an extravaganza that is not to be missed. Having toured extensively with the likes of Horace Pinker, Hate Fuck Trio, and other international acts such as Agent Orange and NRA, Sputnik is known and respected the world over


Sputnik Slovenia (aka Jimi Jet) has been a fixture on the local Denver and national music scene for more than 12 years. From his humble west coast beginnings in an outfit called Pagan Ritual (with Miguel Barron of Horace Pinker and Armchair Martian), to his local frontman duties with the likes of Evil Hick, Negative Man(with Commander Adama of Agression), and Jet Black Joy(Best Ambassadors of Wet-Panty Rock- Best of Westword Magazine 2004), Jimi has kept busy combining humor, politics and ubiquitous music stylings to hone an act that has seen Jimi rise to local cult hero status.

But Jimi has not limited himself to just the local scene. Having toured nationally and internationally with the likes of Agent Orange, Horace Pinker, and Doc Hopper, Jimi has left an indelible mark on a medium that is supersaturated in mediocrity. 2007 has again seen the road rise with Jimi as he was given the title “Best Happy Hour Troubadour” by Westword magazine for his acoustic "stylings" each Friday at The Larimer Lounge in Denver.

Currently, Jimi is in the studio finishing three different projects. With his melodic punk outfit called The Pitch Invasion, Jimi will be releasing a second album of originals slated for a February '14 debut. 2014 will also see Sputnik releasing his first solo album. This will be a mix of acoustic, rock, and techno tracks guaranteed to please.

To find out more about Sputnik, visit reverbnation.com/sputnikslovenia. For booking e-mail sputnikslovenia@yahoo.com.





Written By: Sputnik Slovenia and the Pitch Invasion

do you remember how it felt
when years went past and candles buring
meant just another wish
and you couldn't wait to be one year older
but now, you're 22
you got kids
how did this happen...without a father...you're just another tragedy

you're doin things you've never done
you're goin out and havin fun
while your aging parents watch the kids
you weren't prepared for
hangover hurts forget about your sons and all the work that has to be done...without a father...you're just another tragedy

Middle East

Written By: Sputnik Slovenia

fire and brimstone reign
accross the middle east
17 factions under the gun
set your sites on the number of the beast

(Chorus)cause now i see it
cause history repeats it
the hate goes on and on

the hate the rape
no escape long after saddaam

new regime iraq
suicide bomber with a grocery sack
hamas fatah and hezbullah
no land for peace no palestine clause


i know just what to do
shoot my rpg right at you
but you keep commin' back for more
taqfir jihad holy war



Sputnik Slovenia in his many incarnations has released many discs...these include:

Negative Man...Rum Dummy Records 1999
Jet Black Joy...Release Me/Rum Dummy Records 2000
Pitch Invasion...Fivecore/Rum Dummy Records 2008

Set List

Spuntik sets can go on as long as three or four hours depending on the gig. The set can range from a couple of hours of original punk, folk, rock, and techno to hilarious covers and mash-up's of some of the most classic artists such as the Dead Kennedy's and Madonna.