Emerging from the low-key Bay Area punk/indie scene, Sputterdoll pumps out a blend of melodic punk rock that will make you bob your head. Sputterdoll takes the show on the road touring up and down the West Coast to a town near you!


Sputterdoll is a more raw and diverse brand of rock n' roll, with an approach to simple punk melodies (The Ramones, The Go-Gos, Green Day) with hints of later styles of punk rock (The Ataris, Alkaline Trio, MxPx) and a variety of others (Letters To Cleo, The Living End, Hole). The bottom line is to create honest rock n roll songs in form of catchy melodies without all the sugar that is punk rock by today's standards. Rio (vocals/bass) and Bernadette (vocals/drums) have been playing together since their first band Love,Daria and are the founding members of Sputterdoll, the duo have been rockin’ together ever since. Dennis (guitar) has started bands with the likes of Logan Whitehurst (formerly of Velvet Teen) and Agent M (now of Tsunami Bomb) in the beginnings of their early musicianship. Lizzie (guitar/vocals) is a fresh new addition adding more life to the band’s sound.

With two tours under their belt and a slew of weekend tours around their home state of California, Sputterdoll is on their way to more rockin' and rollin' in support of their EP, "S:U Proceed Without Caution.” The band is currently in the process of finishing their first yet-to-be-named full-length release all the while taking their show to the road. Demos and DIY releases have satisfied the band and also captured the evolution of their music. Strong DIY (Do It Yourself) ethics have been instilled in the band at an early age, and will continue to show in their hard work at promoting, booking, and songwriting.


—"Infinite Diversity In Infinite" compilation (Fall 2002)
—"Don't Make Me Lie" demo ep (January 2003)
—"Lost in the West Coast" tour promo (July 2003)
—"What'd You Expect for Free? v.19" Skratch Magazine sampler (January 2004)
—"Proceed Without Caution" self-released ep (February 2004)
—"What'd You Expect for Free? v.21" Skratch Magazine sampler (July 2004)
—"Timebomb" comp featuring punk/hardcore bands from the US and Philippines (2004)
—"You Sing, I Sing, We All Sing For Icing" compilation (October 2004)
—"Save the Kids" (Arm the Pit, March 2005)

Coming releases:
—Dagger Records comp
—"What'd You Expect for Free? v.22" Skratch Magazine sampler (coming soon 2005!)
—Full length sometime in 2005

—Dagger Records compilation
—Full length sometime in 2005

Set List

Typical set list:
Not an Anthem
He's the One
The Diary of My Best Friend's Rival
The Good Life
Don't Leave me Alone
World of Hazelle