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WSNO Live from the 9th ward mixtape (2006)
8/29:the movement Lp (2008)



S-PYanage, a product of New Orleans 9th ward with ties to Morgan City Louisiana, is a unique emcee with a common man's point of view to his music. A New Orleans firefighter and National Guard member, when he's not "rockin the mic", S-PYanage pulls from a variety of subjects to touch on. From songs like "Domestic Violence" in which he sheds light on the ever present problem in our society from a narrative point of view, to 24-48 (firemen's theme) where he actually raps about various aspects of being a firefighter. S-PYanage is a "great one" in the making with the ability to change to face of Hip-Hop music.

S-PYanage wrote his first rap at 16, while attending Morgan City High School. At that time he was more into playing sports and the band, then rhyming. However, that would soon change when he moved back to his native New Orleans upon finishing high school and entering college. There he reunited with old friends and met new ones who were heavily into the at that time buzzing rap scene (though no limit and cash money records were nation, there were many local labels making a name for themselves in the region). Soon S-PY began writing heavily and recording demos.

Joey "Da Y" Cummings, S-PY's brother by marriage, (who was a well known and highly respected artist and producer around New Orleans and surrounding area) heard S-PY for the first time and knew he had a lot of potential, and thus started a working relationship that continues till this day. Da Y also was instrumental in S-PY joining Rexless Records, which is headed by Demond "Mr Slimm" Brown, and Johnny "J Rexless" Brown respectively. There S-PY was featured on every project the label released which includes: Mr. Slimm's "The Young and Rexless" in 2002, Rexless Records presents "The Party line" 2003, Da Heat's (Mr. Slimm and J. Rexless as a duo) "Flammable" 2004, Joey "Da Y's "Distribute Dis D**k" in 2005. S-PY also made several cameo appearances in video's relating to the previously mentioned projects.

In 2005, S-PY and Clayton "Work" Pinkins III formed the N.O. Word Smyths and began recording songs. Although briefly separated by hurricane Katrina, the group reformed and went on to release two stellar projects: "WSNO Live from the 9th Ward mix tape" in 2006, and "8/29: The Movement" in 2008, before the Duo abruptly disbanded due to creative differences. The Duo also was featured on the 2006 Rexless/Lxp records release "Rexless TeeVee soundtrack" and shot two videos, "Muddy Water" in 2006 and Joey "Da Y's" "Violatin" in 2007.

Finally, S-PYanage is a true example of a "great one" in the making, who records songs at a 2pac like pace, and that's with limited studio resources, because after the storm his studio sessions consist of him driving to Douglasville, Ga and doing a average of 6-8 songs in 2-3 days. Then he drives (on many occasions alone) 7hours back to New Orleans to return to his work as a New Orleans Firefighter and National Guard member. It's estimated that between the years of 2004-2008, S-PY has recorded close to 400 songs, thru group and solo efforts. S-PY also shot his first solo video for his soon to be smash hit "Domestic Violence". S-PY is currently working on his first solo release "ST8 2 Da Point", while trying to ink a major deal.