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Spy-Fu are an Irish quintet. The overwhelming ambition is perform meaningful music which can cast the same spell of aspiration; the same joy to be alive, on its listener, as it does on its creator and performers when it is delivered. A strong emphasis on melody softens the steely rock undertones which make this thumping anthemic music much more than a sound, but a feeling. The rehearsal is over. It is time to deliver this emotive music to the masses.

Spy-Fu are a Roaming Horde of beings. When the patrons of this horde are seperated they are foul mouthed, irreverent and caprecious. Collectively they retain all the said features but deliver them with an astonishing panache and the swagger you would expect from any group which is aware of its immenant arrival on planet Earth.

That was the serious bit. Now for some porky pies.

Our aim is not to steal your money, or corrupt your mind. We do not intend to assimilate all of humanity into our collective. We want you to assimilate us. Our resistance to you is futile. We have something to share. The lid is nearly ready to blow. It is like a Sonic Chernobyl Symphony ready to erupt, spitting out our soup in all directions, indiscriminately burning your skin and salivating your taste buds.

We want our music to kick the proverbial hole live. We feel that the real magic in performance, and the real moments of true kinship among large groups of people is in sharing a moment of the same emotion, in the same place, at the same time. Sometimes during a performance people embrace each other as 1 in a large group as they all feel that same shiver, that same moment where they feel they can jump ten feet into the air. We try to create these moments, we want you to join the orgy.

This is a Roaming Horde. We trade in emotion. We we breathe passion and exhale atmosphere. All people have passion locked inside them, we have a few keys.

Who knows, they just might fit.

Enjoy ‘Spy-Fu’ Sensibly