Spy Machine 16

Spy Machine 16


You like sweaty dancefests to keyboard hooks and driving powerpop rhythms? You like politically charged lyrics with dorky kid-chorus voices? You like clapping your hands and singing? You like live choreographed indie rock dance routines? How could you not? Two words: bring it. xo. SM16.


Guelph's Spy Machine 16 is an 8-member indie dance rock performance crew: 6 musicians belt out politically charged lyrics over keyboard-driven pop punk hooks, hands a-clappin', bodies a-shakin', and sweat a-drippin' -- and a 2 person live dance crew adds frantic punk rock choreography to the frenzy.

SM16's line-up includes a librarian, a pro photographer, an industrial parts specialist, and an installation artist, combining the musical talents of Olivia Brown, Dave Hudson, Jess Tollefsen, Kyle Squance, Dave Bazinet, and Jeff Beemer, with the educated feet of dancers Amy Armstrong and Kurt Krausewitz.

In just over two years since their debut performance, SM16 has played over 40 sweaty, sweaty shows, sharing the stage with the likes of Tokyo Police Club, Land of Talk, Hexes & Ohs, Kill the Lights, and You Say Party, We Say Die! They've taken to the road numerous times, including featured performances at Pop Montreal 2006 & 2007, Ottawa's i(heart)music Anniversary Bashes 2006 & 2007 at the Wakefield Inn, the 2007 Pitter Patter Music Festival, and Canadian Music Week 2008.

In late April 2006, SM16 released a modest 4-song EP, The Soap from this Soapbox Makes Our Dirty Feet Slide, which a November 2006 review in Broken Pencil magazine described as "no filler, all killer": "the music hit the ground running and never let up its manic, power-punk-pop-cheer-leader energy." An early review of their debut 2007 album, How Things Come Apart, offers the following: "How Things Come Apart aims to be both a call to revolution and a call to the dancefloor, and it succeeds on both counts without having to sacrifice one end to the other." The album has charted at radio stations across the country, as well as on the Earshot national charts and the CBC Radio 3's Top 30.

Not convinced? Have a listen, come sweat it on the floor, and you can decide after ...

One thing's for sure, though: SM16 likes pie.


I Lost My Edge Last Night

Written By: dave hudson

Hey racoon eyes, scrape off that bad teenage scruff. You're no Don Johnson, after all aftershave. White tissue scraps issued – issues in the morning and one sore face all day. Cast suspicion on the new edition: new product lines so the bottom line doesn't bottom out.

Hey smoothie, all sharp edges get dull in time.

I pause for a moment, hold my breath and watch for fine red slivers. I kiss my teeth and question my sure hands —not so sure anymore.

They count on the strange silence surrounding our bodies and our nervous threats and loud denials.

I'd be having a ball without you all in my face.

Disappointed Tourist Lost and Confused After Wandering into a Free Trade Zone by Mistake

Written By: dave hudson

Hey Mexico, this is not what I ordered. It was a package deal: white sands, water as blue as my eyes … smiling waiters' bow n' scrape – colonial charm … plastic smiles and wooden trinkets I can talk about …

It could've been fair. It could have been fine. This is not my expectation. This is my occidental reflection. I see misery, I see anger — Hey, this is where my shoes were made!

Do you think I wanna see this? This is my last resort -- if I wanted to slum, I could have stayed at home ...

On Struggles for Change and Hope

Written By: dave hudson

Sick of:
(a) a suffering writ small silenced on a shirt tag for the stylers
(b) two thousand lungs closing up, making early graves each year—

We pimp our rides and drive back to the suburbs, pooped after slumming. Working on ulcers, bone-tired, but still I can't shake this feeling that what I've got wasn't quite earned.

Somewhere we realized (never satisfied with "nature" and resignation) that we gotta move somehow. And we say, "GO!" — This body's shaking, aching for an answer.

But still, I don't want an evangelical militancy, rockin’ mono-definitions of revolutionary violence – or a peace that says "Stop complaining!"

Grayscale: can you live with forked tongues, with frustration – unseen futures and frail bodies – with an urgency that's not immediacy nor passivity? Are you ready? What, are you ready to throw down? What are you ready to throw down?


How Things Come Apart (debut album, 2007)

The Soap from this Soapbox Makes My Dirty Feet Slide (debut EP, 2006)

"For the Jocks Who Scream from Cars" appears on the Grab Bag compilation (Out of Sound Records, 2006)

"Autobiography: Some Notes on What's Been Called "Internalized" Racism" appears on the You and Yours compilation (Burnt Oak Records, 2006)

songs from album in rotation on CBC Radio 3 and at numerous campus radio stations across country

Set List

Set list length depends on event, but at regular punk/indie shows, we'll aim for between 35 and 40 mins of stage time.

The songs in rotation at the moment are as follows, though we'll generally leave one or two out, depending on time constraints:

*For the Jocks Who Scream From Cars
*Love Theme to the One Six
*On Struggles for Change and Hope
*Disappointed Tourist, Lost and Confused After Walking into a Free Trade Zone by Mistake
*Reassured Backpacker in Search of Truth, But Still a Little Nervous
*Traveller Journeying Home, Exhausted but Conscious
*The Lowdown on Retail Therapy
*I Lost My Edge Last Night
*New Waterfront Properties, Fair Weather Friends
*Autobiography: Some Notes on What's Been Called "Internalized" Racism

We've done a few covers including Fugazi's "Great Cop" and The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry." We've also danced around on stage to the theme from Star Wars, but that was just a demo on Jess's keyboard.