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Spy Nation is a rock hip hop band from Montreal. Core members are keyboard player Raphaelle Tisseyre and guitarist Gilbert Baptiste, both vocalists for the group.
Before the group’s formation in 2007, they were already established professional dancers, in the styles of contemporary/street dance, having toured repeatedly throughout Europe and North America, also having earned prestigious awards such as Governors’ Bal Award in Ottawa and best original dance creation by the Office Franco-quebecois pour la jeunesse (OFQJ).
Spy Nation was a natural progression in their growth as artists and a perfect marriage of their love for music, dance and hip-hop culture. Over the past few years, they have participated in hundreds of shows in various venues and at corporate or community events and festivals such as Montreal’s Just for laughs and Shazamfest shared the stage with legends such as hip-hop pioneer KRS-One.
Now their versatility and style has won them the affection of an unusually diverse fan base, which goes from straight hip hop to the real rock alternative heads. But it is no doubt their passionate delivery and outstanding stage presence that truly gets everybody on their wagon.
Spy Nation is also gaining much popularity on the Web, and on October 18th they reached No1 most popular channel of the day on Myspace, with over 900 000 hits and more than 50 000 friends.
A review from a journalist for les prix Félix gave the band high marks for their originality and unique sound, saying "they stand out, loud and clear in a sea of music."
Spy nation just came back from recording their full length album in the US and their first single ‘’Waiting for you’’ is now out on major FM and college radio across Canada. The official video for the song is set to come out early 2010 through Universal, Much Music, MTV Miami & Japan.


Waiting for you

Written By: Spy Nation

Felt cold the day that you left me
I didn’t know now who would come get me
First thing I did was get busy
Cause there ain’t no way I was gonna let this break me
Left home went far I didn’t t turn back
Had to figure a place that I could fall back
Pushed myself to my limits kept my head on the flow
Swore to myself that I’d get through and grow
Tried looking at my life just a cloud of mist
But in my heart there was a flood something had blocked it
You always said always knew I was the toughest
That through whatever I could find the surface
I had a shell that I’d make anything bounce off
Now look at me do you really think I’m this strong
Wish that were true that I’d got hit and saved my skin
That what I heard saw and felt it was just a dream

Cause I’ve been waiting for you
Where you are
Somebody tell me

I’ve been waiting and waiting and timing and timing and call at your house and I call at your friends
I jump in the bus ring ring pick up man
Three stops gotta get out man
Where’d you go where’d you been where you at where’d you flow
Stood me up once again
What a friend I can count or rely on
Type of day you should’ve put your alarm on
So for me it’s the same I can’t play no games I gotta do what I do and can’t wait on you

Cause I’ve been waiting for you
Where you are
Somebody tell me

Now the times have gone they’ve left me by myself
Can’t count on none but still got to get
Get by each day gotta find my way
Keep going till it’s either life or death
wanna find that place but I got to pray
Not by myself though it feels that way

Keep pulling tight wanna feel you close
gotta know you trust gotta know you know
Cause ain’t got so much but a promise and can’t quit tenfold no I’d rather miss
Miss you for life than admit to the fact, I don’t know, who knows, if you’ll ever come back
Will you ever come back

Cause I’ve been waiting for you
Where you are
Somebody tell me


First single released summer of 2009
Waiting for you- Spy Nation
on Major FM and college radio across Canada

Set List

about 1h30min, usually about 12 songs. One shot no break. Lots of dancing.