The Spy Radio

The Spy Radio


Spy Radio is a Post-Punk band that has spent the past few years developing a sound and style all their own. Drawing on influences from bands like Weezer, The Stooges, Pink Floyd, Green Day and others might sound like an odd mix. But it makes for a truly unique sound.


Spy Radio was born way back in 2003 - Before that were MSM (My Stupid Machine) - Exploding drummers, a few member changes and never comprimising or selling out have made the band who they are today.

An honest band of musicians writing, recording and performing all their own material. Steadily evolving over the past few years, they have become a band for the "thinking" listener.

Spy Radio has had the fortune to perform at NXNE, Motor City Music Confrence, Metro Times Blowout and is a multi city performer with IPO.

They have also shared the stage with Major Label bands including - Bowling for Soup, Zebrahead, Lola Ray, Pepper and others.


The Donkey Show - Released July 2005
*Six Songs Long - released April 2008

*Single - "Big Finish" currently being played on local high school stations

Set List

Someday Soon*
Plastic Jesus*
Christina Ricci*
Saddest Boy*
Tribute to Our Formerselves
Big Finish

* - these tracks are on upcoming CD (Sep 09)

Sets are usually 20 -25 minutes in length
All Original material