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Spyros Charmanis


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Just Another Story

Written By: Spyros Charmanis


Thoughts and words come to me, as we speak
Try not to give you a wrong impression
Try to invoke sympathy
It all seems easy
When I'm alone all by myself
But I'm sitting near you
and I've got noone to depend

And I really need this
I need to hear myself reply
In charted waters
Feels like my first time

And I really need this
A chance to change your mind
But I see it in your eyes...
so I guess it's goodbye

It's just another story
of when a he meets a she
It's just another story
of when yourself's projecting falsely

I can see us together
and we are like the words that fit the screen
But reality strikes me
and comes and breaks the fantasy
Struggle to untie the knot
It doesn't come out easily
It doesn't come out easily...


And all I can see
Is that you're trying too much
and I'm done, I'm all over the place
I'll wish that it's over
You'll lose yourself, it's a dead-end road
I'm more than you can handle
So step aside and forget that we ever met
In this life...