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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



“At its best, I can be deftly urban, darkly atmospheric, and surprisingly melodic. At its worst, it sounds like a rushed soundtrack for a cyber-punk anime flick. 4 out of 5”
by Steve Shanafelt
- The Mountain Express, Asheville NC

"DPS Placebo Review"

Placebo, mildly dark and momentum-heavy, is much more accessible if slightly less experimental than Discount Plastic Surgery's self-titled debut from last year. This markedly consistent new album is masterful at establishing a mood just between soundtrack music for an action-movie, car-racing sequence and the perfect aural background to a game of solitaire. Placebo manages an urban feel without being insultingly pop-hop-oriented in the process."
by Steve Shanafelt - The Mountain Express, Asheville NC

"Polycarbonate Review"

From a perfect capturing of that stillness on a southern summer evening- crickets singing, 70 degree breeze ruffling through the magnolia trees- to a liguid ride through ambient trip hop, like the soundless sight of a shimmering, downtown skyline sparkling and winking innocently, like an entity of its own, Broken Fader Cartel smears together harmony and rhythm with wide, oily brushstrokes, giving human qualities to electronic gurgles and evoking a landcape of the natural world. These are the soundscapes of consciousness when lulled and pacified, attuned to the higher purposes of existence. Drawing from Squarepusher, Autechre and Aphex Twin, their album bridges the organic and the robotic. - CD Baby

"Live Show Blurp"

Meet this Asheville electronic collective with an itch for the glitch of bent circuits, digital reconstructions, and a sense of humor to extinguish any of the nasty flames of pretense. With a kitchen sink approach, the Cartel keep the beeps and blurt scene free. - The Independent, Chapel Hill NC


Discount Plastic Surgery- self titled EP
Discount Plastic Surgery- Placebo
sqrt(ur mother)- Sumbur
Broken Fader Cartel Compilation- the collective polycarbonate release

Radio play on 89.3 WXYC Chapel Hill and 88.7 WXDU Durham.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Originally from Asheville, NC, I began my musical career as a drummer. I spent the better part of my early years expolring various rythmic patterns and formal structures. I studied Audio Engineering at university, where I learned to fuse music with emerging computer technology. In 2000, I joined 3 other audio geeks and started Discount Plastic Surgery, which put out one EP and one LP. Once we all graduated college, we went our seperate ways, but all four members collectivly put music out under Broken Fader Cartel Records. Currently, I reside in Chapel Hill, NC and focus my musical attention on remixing, ambient tunes, and machine gun funk.