Squad 3:30

Squad 3:30

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My boi Mike is from tennesse and i'm a texas boi so we kinda bring the two styles together, and glorify God by makin a joyful noise unto him


I'm from a christian home. my dad is a preacher, and i just love rap. I didn't meet rap through church tho. I grew up listening to UGK, Dj Screw, mostly houston, and atlanta rappers. MIke grew up in a christian home as well. He came up jammin 2 young buck, three six mafia, and yo gotti. We both realizee that hip-hop can be made a tool 2 save souls, and this is what we choose to do with the art.


we have one song out called "Where's my Mama?" in this track we simply give credit to where it is due,by thanking our mamas 4 all theyv'e done 4 us so far. I (Junior Boi) are in the process of recording another song. I do already have some beats made.