Probably the most eclectic and organic speed garage ska band you have ever laid your ears on! With a a lustfull spirit these guys writes lyrics colored with homo-erotic images. Not gay, more a "buddy- to buddy" kind of lust. The feeling that pushes you over the edge, is our source of inspiration.


From Örebro, a town in the middle of Sweden, comes SQUARE - probably the most electric and eclectic ska band you have ever heard.

Six teenage boys, eager to create their own music, founded SQUARE in the fall of 1998. By the summer of 1999 they had decided to erase their personal differences in order to reach a common consciouness for the sake of their creative goals. They developed their stage uniform and soon the blue-grey shirts were seen on stages all over Sweden. Realising that image isn't all they also started to create a special noise of their own. The Band has seven members now, all guys in their late teenage or early twenties. They create something that they simply call speed-garage-ska, which also could be described as a mixture between high-speed ska and 60's garage rock.

SQUARE say they play their music because there isn't really any other band that play what they want to hear. The lyrics are always written after the music and they often tell a story, which feels more important than individual description of emotions because of the band formula. Their energy filled ska music jumps restlessly between different tempos, music influences and strange sounds. When the intense rhythm section by the Ficks brothers, no-school guitars, screaming trumpet and trombone, "played-too-fast" synthesizer and biologically disorted vocal is played together it's like being run over by a car - in a positive way!


LP:SQR LM 019, 2007/8 (Europe) Übersee Records
LP: Organized Music, 2003 (Norway/Sweden) Fucking NorthPole Records
LP: Organic Square, 2004 (Norway/Sweden) Fucking NortPole Records

SPLIT EP: Split it up, vinyl, 2004
SPLIT EP: Square do Truckfighters, Vinyl, 2005

Set List

from 15 minutes to 1,5 hours.
All original SQUARE Speed garage ska hymnes(c) : NO COVERS

1. Muffin
2. Help Desmond
3. Run around naked and destroy (party on my own)
4. Flower erection
5. Frizzy Man
6. Hot Ice
7. Wrestling Mike
8. Best friend's mother
9. Greetings from outer space
10. Flute
11. No no no no yes?
12. Krystal in disguise
13. Hardcore bad
14. It should be aloud
15. Mr P and ..
16.Panda your fetish
17.Shake shake your beer...
18.Square machine
19.I wanna wanna...
20.Five tickets to pay for
21. Square machine
22. Fire for hire