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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



…and the Media Loves Square Too

”Organic Square”:

‘Album of the year” (Kristoffer Franzkeit, Mono Magazine, 12/2004)

’This year’s best debut album’ (Thomas Björling, Sundsvall Tidning, 12/2004)

‘One of this year’s best Swedish Albums’ (Joakim Johansson, Nerikes Allehanda, 12/2004)

’A Madness on amphetamin.’ (Elin Fredrikson, Borås Tidning 18/12/2004)

’Pure joy. Awesome horns. Hysterical swing. Put on your dancing shoes and let go.’(M S, Helsingborg Dagblad)

The band from Örebro [Sweden] has created a complete unique style. This is performed with a playfulness and energy that is impossible to resist, just give up and surrender to it.’ (Andreas Jakobsson, Gefle Dagblad 10/12/2004)

‘I want to crank up the volume and dance like an idiot, which is the purpose of this crazy, full of energy and humor and celebrating the joy of life kind of music. Let the party begin!’ (J H, LT Södertälje)

‘It all has something of a big band feeling to it and after a while I start wondering if I’m not simply at the circus, because it really feels very playful.’ This is just the right music to make you feel get into an awesome mood.’ (OscarRemfors, Muzic.se)

‘According to them, the band plays Speed Garage Ska, a spot on description. Crazy and playful ska in a high tempo, beautifully rattling and funny. It is fast, but it is still perfect to dance to. The music sounds like something like a mixture between Liberator and Randy. During the two bands heydays, that is. Turn up the stereo to max, and I will promise that the poor last people on your after party will wake up.’ (Thomas Björling, Sundsvall Tidning 15/01/2005)

‘Square kicks out amped up ska punk that is not to be missed!’ ‘…the band really puts together a great release that I have found myself listening to non-stop for weeks now. Go out and find more about Square, these guys will kick your ass all over the place and you'll thank them for it!’ (M G, HussieSkunk: Punk Rock Radio)

‘Square lebt von den krachenden Bläsern und den harten Gitarren, dem schnellen Rhythmus der teilweise total durchgeknallten Orgel. Aber sie haben dann auch Zeit für Stücke wie der basslastige Reggae von 'Frizzy Man'. Sehr guter, druckvoller und abwechslungsreicher Skapunk, mit viel Spaß eingespielt.’ (Florian Heilmeyer, AllSka.de)

In English: ` Square lives on their smashing horn section and the hard guitars, the fast rhythm of the partial totally through-slammed organ. But then and then they have also time for pieces like the basslastige Reggae of ' Frizzy man '. Very good, pressure full and varied Ska Punk, with much fun brought in. (Florian Heilmeyer, AllSka.de)


‘With matching shirts and water bottles (!) they entered in a 1-2-3 team stand-up. In the back: The animal on drums, with a HARD working bass player that swept in front of him. Two semi-epileptic monkeys on guitars secured the middle field. In the front: Two horn players and a synthesizer/lead vocal. With their energy, Square got the audience’s attention in no time. Fast, intensive songs with a hammering, pushing bass.’ (Alf M Eriksen, Tromsö By 06/09/2004)

‘During By:Larm, we decided to see Square. It is always fun to go to a concert, not knowing what to expect, and then be so positively surprised. And that was how it turned out to be with Square. The seven men strong band from Örebro, Sweden delivered rock and lovely ska during half an hour. I think I right there and then fell in love with ska music. It was something with the manic rhythms, the beautiful but wild horns and a general feeling of joy on the stage that made me want to see this gang again. Spastic dance moves and military shirts with their names on them also played a part. Square is hereby recommended – see them live if you get the opportunity! (Jonas Spildrejordet, !Hissig 17/02/2005)

‘Just as I have started to think of ska music as no good, Square comes and rescues me. So cool when they enter the stage in matching shirts with the band name on them. Then it was just on with playing “speed-ska” the rest of the night. Lovely. No prisoners taken alive. Thank you guys.’ (Jörn Flagtvedt, Tromsö By 22/10/2005)

’They worked them selves physically sweaty with the acknowledged competent horn section, with Andreas Alm and Petter Fridell, that also is a visual attraction, at the head of a fully accelerating band that, in a furious tempo, teased the energetic singer Martin Augustini and the other band members so that it sometimes were difficult to catch all the details. The arrangements was like fast sprinter races with alot of leaping about and sudden whims that felt so natural and motivated! This band has undeniable a totally unique sound. Their concert was a highly positive experience. (Håkan Petterson, Nerikes Allehanda, 09/2005)


"The Festival"

With the raw soul still in your body you are going to the end of this musical trip; The Swedish surprise Square! The party really explodes when these people start playing their speed-garage-ska. - Haarlems Dagblaad 2006


LP:SQR LM 019, 2007/8 (Europe) Übersee Records
LP: Organized Music, 2003 (Norway/Sweden) Fucking NorthPole Records
LP: Organic Square, 2004 (Norway/Sweden) Fucking NortPole Records

SPLIT EP: Split it up, vinyl, 2004
SPLIT EP: Square do Truckfighters, Vinyl, 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


From Örebro, a town in the middle of Sweden, comes SQUARE - probably the most electric and eclectic ska band you have ever heard.

Six teenage boys, eager to create their own music, founded SQUARE in the fall of 1998. By the summer of 1999 they had decided to erase their personal differences in order to reach a common consciouness for the sake of their creative goals. They developed their stage uniform and soon the blue-grey shirts were seen on stages all over Sweden. Realising that image isn't all they also started to create a special noise of their own. The Band has seven members now, all guys in their late teenage or early twenties. They create something that they simply call speed-garage-ska, which also could be described as a mixture between high-speed ska and 60's garage rock.

SQUARE say they play their music because there isn't really any other band that play what they want to hear. The lyrics are always written after the music and they often tell a story, which feels more important than individual description of emotions because of the band formula. Their energy filled ska music jumps restlessly between different tempos, music influences and strange sounds. When the intense rhythm section by the Ficks brothers, no-school guitars, screaming trumpet and trombone, "played-too-fast" synthesizer and biologically disorted vocal is played together it's like being run over by a car - in a positive way!