Square, the Circle

Square, the Circle


Square,the Circle's goal is to push the limits of what our deceptively minimal instrumentation can do.With elements of post Bop jazz, folk, and more packed into the tunes, the duo captivates ears with tight musicianship, epic stories, and a different setlist for every performance.


Two musicians needed something new, unusual and aurally colorful and they turned to a series of tubes known as the internet to find a new partner in songwriting mischief. Both Sarah "the Golden Child" Goldstein and Drew "president of the Jim Hall Fan Club" Pompano desired to create tunes that incorporated intricate harmonic movement and numerous styles, but still had a whistle-worthy flair. Rehearsals in Hyde Park and Logan Square commenced and shortly, a new sound emerged from a fairly minimalist instrumentation...guitar and voice.
What emerged from the duo was a sound best described as post Bop jazz, indie folk, klezmer, Irish jigs, and funk mixed into one sonic burrito. And for dessert- haunting lyrics that appeal to both the soul and to the synapses. Many songs burst into existence -much like the birth of Athena -within only a few months of rehearsals. From this, Square, the Circle (note the comma) came into being as a "progressive folk" group. (Yes, we think that this made up genre is funny too.)
Drew, a humble guitar and music theory instructor, often brings odd musical ideas to the table. Sarah's lyrics respond to the compositions with her wordsmith intellect, informed by Samuel Beckett's explorations of the human mind and her extensive theater background. Sarah's years of experience with traditional vocal training allow her the ability to bring these words to life with precision and grace whilst Drew performs the underlying accompaniment with a trained discipline. He is driven by great examples of small ensemble playing, such as Ella Fitzgerald and Jim Hall's collaborations in the early 60s.
Square, the Circle debuted at Wicker Park's Subterranean club in December of 2008 and having crossed the proverbial Rubicon, are planning a Caesarian campaign for the siege of Chicago and the world. (Minus the violence, civil unrest, and political manipulation) The duo continues to gig frequently around the Windy City and has a strong and growing following of friends, fellow performers, and bar regulars. With song themes ranging from narratives about local history, the beauty of quiet "L" rides, the fantasy worlds of mathematicians, and the Judas-archetype- Square, the Circle is ready to be heard.


Derivatives of Light, Ratios of Sound (in production)

Set List

Set Lists change nightly, but here is a fairly representative Set List from 4/6/09:

New Northside-->
She Waits
Rights of Spring
Old Pickled Eggs
I've Grown Accustomed (Loewe/Lerner)
We are Astronauts
Boxing Day
The Neighbor is a Ghost
Nip This
Cutting Tomatoes
Love Vigilantes (Sumner/Hook)
Squash Court Apocalypse
Jack and Edna
Goodnight Irene* (Leadbetter)

--> Indicates segue into next song
* Indicates sung a capella

We could easily fill two sets if needed and each set lasts an hour or more. Clearly if a shorter set is needed- this is easy to accommodate!